Planning a Trip to New Zealand? This Is What You Can Expect

New Zealand, an island located close to Australia is known for a lot of things. Their rugby team, christened ‘all blacks' is world-famous for their long-time domination of the game, not to mention ‘The Lord of the Rings' movie series, which remains a favorite of film enthusiasts. However, these renowned characteristics are a mere introduction to what the country offers. For one to get a clear picture of New Zealand, an actual visit to the land of the long white cloud would be vastly beneficial.


For first timers here is a glance of what to expect in New Zealand:


New Zealand and Australia are different entities

Due to their proximity, a majority of tourists often confuse Australia and New Zealand. Unlike Australians, the natives of New Zealand prefer Marmite. Further, residents of northern islands are of Polynesian descent, while southerners are locals, and are popularly identified as Kiwis. Polynesians live in Auckland – In high numbers too.


Slightly of 200,000 of New Zealand’s citizens are Polynesian. A majority of them live in Auckland. It is a common figure in the city to spot muscular youths, a characteristic of the Maori, who make up the Polynesian population.


Rugby is cultural activity

If you've ever heard of the statement ‘more than a game,' it probably applies to rugby in New Zealand. The sport flows through the veins of the locals and is treated as a vital entity as well as a national identity. The results of the All Blacks have an effect on the atmosphere in the country.


When they win, everybody is enthusiastic. On the other hand, if they lose, the mood is somber and depressing. Like in any other game, they have a passionate abhorrence for their neighboring rivals, the Australian Wallabies.


No deadly wildlife

One of the best things about New Zealand is the fact that you can walk around freely without fearing attack from deadly creatures and predators.


Frequently changing weather

Temperatures can soar up to thirty degrees Celsius in the summer, though the country typically has a mild climate accompanied with lots of rainfall. Conventionally, summer is experienced in the December festive season in the south island. Winters can be extreme, so it is advisable to keep off beach resorts during this period.


Napier boasts of the world’s largest art deco collection

1931 is probably the darkest year in Napier's history, as the city experienced a massive earthquake that brought it down to its knees. However, the city picked up and built what became the best art collection in the world. For this reason, UNESCO recognized the town as a heritage site.


Kiwis are friendly and make great ice cream

Not only are they willing to help complete strangers, but they also share their food. Kiwis assert that their ice cream, which has a distinctive flavor known as hokey pokey is the best in the southern hemisphere. They are, however, rightful to claim this throne, as the product sells over five million liters every year.


An array of picturesque scenes

New Zealand, especially the South Island is blessed with diverse, captivating landscapes. Ranging from snowcapped mountains to eye-catching lakes, the land has several physical features that will make the road trip unforgettable.


‘Wh’ is pronounced ‘f’ in Maori

The Maori are indigenous to New Zealand and make up fifteen percent of the country's population. A significant number of places are named in the language, such as Whakapapa and Whangarei. For instance, Whangamomona is pronounced fangamonoma.


It takes longer to reach destination

Thanks to the nation’s geography, a lot of time is spent traveling. The roads are windy, making places that seem close on a map to be miles apart. Here’s a short guide explaining how to travel on the island.

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