Park Hyatt Bangkok - A Lavish Opening That Felt Like The Oscars!


Park Hyatt & Central Embassy


Red Carpet Guests & Ambassadors


This high society black tie affair began with a red carpet walk that rivaled Hollywood’s Oscar night, but instead of celebrating movie stars it was the Park Hyatt Bangkok. Placed on top of the Iconic Central Embassy Shopping Mall in heart of the city, this is the flagship property of the Central Group Chirathivat family who has expanded their operations into Germany, Italy and Demark.



Champagne & Wine Reception


At the end of the walk, guests we’re directed to an outdoor champagne & wine reception complete with a 40 piece symphony orchestra playing under a steamy but clear Bangkok night.  All were happy because it had been pouring the past four nights!



Champagne Toast


After opening remarks by hotel management and Thai dignitaries, was a champagne toast with gold and silver glitter sprayed high in the air. 



Gold & Silver glitter to open!


Guests were then shown inside Central Embassy to a lounge with free flow champagne, wine and hor d’oeurve. All were treated to live smooth jazz by the three-time Grammy winning Robert Glasper Trio. It was the first time in Bangkok for the group and the Thai’s were loving it!


Grammy winning Robert Glasper Trio


Here's a visual tour of Central Embassy then up to Park Hyatt on the 9th floor. 


Central Embassy Interior


The interior mall is comprised of 8 floors that are light and open making for tranquil walking areas.






This is one-stop luxury shopping featuring all the top brands in fashion, international restaurants and a state-of-the-art cinema complex with 5 theaters utilizing the most advanced screens, projectors and audio systems.   


State-of-the-art Cinema complex

Theater interior

custom seating



Central Embassy Shopping Mall has a unique design somewhat like a Frank Gehry creation but with Thai flair. “ It was designed by AL_A, the London-based studio founded by Amanda Levete and Bangkok-based Pi Design.  The hotel and and shopping mall are bound together by a continual looped form merging plinth and tower.


Central Embassy


The twisted coil forms a three-dimensional figure of eight, a lucky number in Chinese culture. Drawing on motifs and patterns found in traditional Thai architecture, the eye-catching façade is clad in extruded aluminum tiles, creating a shimmering moiré-like pattern. The design comes together with spectacular views of the bustling, energetic city from numerous outdoor terraces.”

The Park Hyatt begins on the 9th floor with rooms to the 29th floor. 


dining room

Infinity pool overlooking Bangkok

international chefs preparing designer dishes

hor d’oeurve

Chinese caviar


We closed out the evening on the 35th floor in the packed Penthouse Bar + Grill with a ¾ spectacular view of bustling Bangkok below. 


Penthouse Bar & Grill


The free flow of beverage and hors douves never stopped. The bar was rocking with a DJ soon to be followed by the much-anticipated Grammy winner from West London, Estelle.




She belted out her new single release “Woman’s World” and her Grammy hit that launch her career, “American Boy.” The crowd was ecstatic!  

There were so many great things about the evening but one that really makes a difference is the people you meet and are around you.  The Thai people are friendly and gracious, extremely creative and their hospitality is next to none!



"the land of smiles"


Feature & photography By Daniel Herron  - Copyright 2017

Estelle Photo - The Central Group. 



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