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I was recently invited on a ten day press trip to Indonesia. After that trip I took a took a wonderful tour of Bali using Panorama Tours. I flew from Jakarta and arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport Denpasar Bali, where a guide from Panorama Tours was waiting in arrivals with a name sign with my name on it. 

The first stop on my trip was the beautiful Panorama Tours office building. Built in 1999 the Panorama Tour Office building is the center of downtown Bali. The architecture is stunning and the stone structure really looks as if it dates back to the 1300’s.

Bali’s infrastructure, which I thought would be weak, is bustling with new capital projects including an underground freeway leading from the airport. The tunnel is only about 900 meters and will dramatically reduce, when completed, traffic from the airport. The Panorama Tours offices are located approximately 20 minutes without traffic from the airport. My first impression as I looked around while being driven to the hotel were the amount of the motorbikes, they seem to be the transportation of choice and with gasoline at 50 cent a liter it would make sense.

Panorama Leisure, the leading Indonesia Tour Operator, arranged two days and nights at the Royal Pita Maha Villa Ubud and then two more days and 2 nights at The Oasis Lagoon, Sanur!

For now we’re heading to the first Luxury hotel Royal Pita Maha Villa UbudThe Royal Pita Maha is very luxurious and very beautiful. It is a captivating resort of distinguished Balinese villas looking out over a deep valley that descends down to the Ayung River. Located on the outer boundary of the spiritually charged village of Ubud, this private retreat ensures that every stay is an enriching experience.

My tours of Islands start tomorrow and will continue for the next two days. After that Panorama Tours has provided guest accommodations at The Oasis Lagoon, Sanur for two additional days and 2 nights.  

From where I’ll be staying I’ll be able to go to the Monkey forest and shop in Ubud. Shopping in Ubud looks like an amazing place with authentic Indonesia markets.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the the stone and wood carvings, the stone temples and kite making. Bali is rich in culture and I’m really looking forward to experiencing the culture, luxurious spas, ethnic dances and yummy food which is the way people should experience Bali when they chose Panorama Leisure, the leading Indonesia Tour Operator.

Royal Pita Maha Villa Ubud

The Royal Pita Maha Villa Ubud is nestled on a hillside, it is a very spiritual area of Bali. There are 11 royal villas and 74 pool villas. The Pool villas in addition to large rooms, beautiful views, clear mountain water, a private Jacuzzi and yes, pool villas each have a private plunge pool.

The rooms are large with sweeping views of the lush green Ubud valley. The Villas, while on the outside and by the pictures look almost rustic are really very modern and very luxurious. I was so impressed by the accommodations! It is a very expensive hotel. The individual pools are really just a step outside the villa. Surrounded by a boundary of tropical vegetation the villas are secluded and extremely private.

The Royal Pita Maha Villa Ubud has four restaurants that cater to a variety of favorites guaranteed to satisfy the tastes of travelers from around the world.  Additionally they offer organic cuisine along with local and regional fare.

The Royal Pita Maha Villa Ubud spa is the affiliate spa of the Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness. Transportation can be arranged through Concierge services. The Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness offers a complete selection of customary spa selections including traditional massages or personally built packages.

My stay at Royal Pita Maha Villa Ubud was so incredibility special. I’ll treasure the time I spent at the resort. The accommodations were exquisite, with traditional Balinese bamboo ceiling, beautiful and private plunge pool. The hospitality, what can I say, my every need was anticipated and the service was second to none. The grounds at Royal Pita Maha Villa Ubud are extremely well kept and as it sits on a valley surrounded by lush mountains and a river running throughit was tranquil, enchanting, mysterious and inviting! I walked away with memories for a lifetime.

The Oasis Lagoon Sanur

Located between Sundu Beach and Semawang BeachThe Oasis Lagoon Sanur is a luxury property featuring 126 rooms ranging from deluxe with balconies facing the indoor swimming Lagoon to Cabana rooms that are exclusively dedicated for honeymooners.

All of the 126 rooms at The Oasis Lagoon Sanur are well equipped with the latest, state of the art 32-inch LCD Flat Screen TV, mini bar, electronic safety box, hair dryer, telephone, coffee tea making facility and individual temperature controls.

The Oasis Lagoon Sanur is a four star resort on the southeastern coast of Bali. While not beachfront the unique design features balconies that face the 1.5 meter swimming Lagoon. First floor accommodations open directly to the Lagoon.

The Oasis Lagoon Sanur property features other luxury amenities include a rooftop semi-open air and open air restaurant that serve a full menu 24/7.  The Oasis Lagoon Sanur luxurious spa provides a blissful escape through personalized massages and selective options.

My room was beautiful with all the modern amenities. I suppose I was coming off the exquisite stay at theRoyal Pita Maha Villa Ubud and while The Oasis Lagoon Sanur has all the amenities, luxuryhospitality and personalized service, my heart was still at Royal Pita Maha Villa Ubud.

The Oasis Lagoon Sanur is closer to Bali’s pristine beaches and I truly enjoyed the beauty of Bali from the unspoiled warm tropical beaches to the lush interior of the Ubud Valley.

Panorama Tours, the country’s largest tour group created a wonderful package that offered the opportunity to familiarize myself and now familiarize my readers with all the wonder of Bali.

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