New York, It Is More Than Just the Empire State

The state of New York is full of surprises but at the same time is a familiar land. Be it the thrill of deep-sea fishing in the Atlantic or peaceful hiking up the Adirondacks, there is an abundance of treasures waiting to be seen in this ‘Empire State’. It is quite difficult to not pull out the selfie stick at every point in this state, which is teaming with stunning views and exciting locations.

The Niagara Falls
One can say that the Niagara is a tale of two popular cities, Ontario (Canada) and New York (USA), overlooking this natural wonder. Gushing waters plunging over 1000ft provides for a cold but picturesque view from both sides. Put on that yellow poncho and tour the body-numbing, gorgeous foamy waters of the Niagara in the famous Maid of the Mist boat, which is a must-try iconic ride. Despite being drenched in the chilly waters, this impressive tour must be the first on your New York trip planner. Walk the Rainbow Bridge for an overhead view of the falls.

The Adirondack, Northern New York
A scenic range of hills covered in forests and heavily dotted with numerous lakes is what the Adirondacks is made up of. Located in the northern part of the state, these hills constitute the Canadian Shield and tower to a height of about 5000ft. Mount Marcy is the highest peak in this range, which is also considered a top adventure spot for New Yorkers. Enjoy a hike or canoe through the vast waterways or just spend a relaxing evening at the lakeside resort or cottage. Don’t forget to capture the beautiful display of autumn colours in these forests as well.

Finger Lakes, Central New York
During the final Ice Age, the glaciers formed the linear shapes of the Finger Lakes, situated in the central part of the state. On the map, you can see eleven narrow lakes cutting through the rolling hills of central New York, the eponymous fingers. The longest is 3.5ml wide and 40ml long. It is an outdoor paradise and a wine-growing region boasting of over 80 vineyards, making this a must-visit location on your New York itinerary planner.

Lake Placid
Synonymous with ice sports, Lake Placid is a cosy resort town, which was popular for hosting the ’32 and ’80 Winter Olympics. While the elite athletes still come here to train, the rest of the visitors can speed skate, ride the real bobsled and revel in other snow sports. The lake has a mysterious aura early in the morning owing to the heavy fog – definitely worth your waking up early and dragging yourself outdoors!

Catskills, Hudson Valley
On the west of Hudson Valley lies a vast mountainous range that houses a mix of natural and manmade cultures. The painters of the Hudson Valley School popularised this location with romantic imagery of the rounded peaks and the mossy gorges. This brought upon a famous preservation movement, which led to the amendment in the constitution stating that these lands will be kept as wild forests eternally. The Catskills is a popular summer escape for New Yorkers, especially the Jews, to enjoy the dramatic colours of the forests, making this one of the must-visit spots in your New York travel planner.
Simply put, the state of New York is untamed yet iconic and historic. It can be anything a traveller wants it to be.

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