Naked Painting Party at Hidden Beach in Mexico Review – A Colorful Enjoyable Event

Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis

A Naked Painting Party at Hidden Beach Resort in August of 2013 – this would be a new experience for us. The facility, located in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico, is a 42 room Luxury Boutique resort. It caters to couples or singles who appreciate an au naturel option. As the website says, “Hidden Beach Resort is for guests who have nothing to hide. It’s designed specifically for nudists, with an intimate size, a secluded location, fun spots for sunning, and a host of nude recreational opportunities.”

Hidden Beach Resort is a hidden treasure

We had been to Hidden Beach before, but this new special event sounded intriguing. The vast majority of guests at this Luxury Boutique resort prefer to go au naturel - naked. But this does not mean there is any sexual activity around the pool. In fact, any touchy-feely among guests in public is absolutely against the rules.

So what would this Naked Painting Party be all about? I spoke to Sally Golan, Founder and Executive Producer of the avant garde events company Social Exposure prior to the trip. Since Sally was producing the event, she was the go-to person. She has held events like this before, but she explained, they were not with a clientele that usually took it all off. This would be the first at an au naturel resort.

Sally Golan selected Hibben Beach for the first interntional Naked Painting Party

I asked why she selected Hidden Beach as the launch location for her first International Naked Painting Party.Hidden Beach was brought to my attention via friends who have attended past Naked Painting Parties and since Hidden Beach has such an established name in the au naturel world, I thought it would be cool to bring them some edge and spice up their nightlife programs and make people talk!”

The event was scheduled for a Saturday evening in August. Our arrival on Tuesday gave us ample time to get to know some of the other guests in the informal vacation environment that we were all there to enjoy.

The swimming pool with its swim up bar is the social center of the Resort where we all talked about the Naked Painting Party with a sense of curiosity Photo credit: Burt Davis

We would be painting each other! You could paint yourself, your partner, or anyone else willing to stand at the other end of your paint brush. It was clear that permission was required.

On Saturday evening, my husband and I arrived at the resort's Moonlight Lounge, a huge open air room which is the center of most evening activities. Many of the guests were already there.

Tarps had been placed on the floor to guard against paint spills Photo credit Sally Golan

Paint and brushes awaited the would be artists and the low lights and black lights made the iridescent paint glow Photo credit: Sally Golan

Most of the hotel guests were au naturel except for the paint already applied to their bodies.

Oh, and the most important thing, they all had smiles as in - this is fun. Couples were painting each other. In addition, having become more than anonymous acquaintances during the week, we all make sure that the singles there were being painted or had someone(s) to paint as well.

A professional body painter was there to give some of us a more finished piece of body art, but for the most part it was amateur night. One woman painted shorts on her husband - with the fly down. You'd have to see it to appreciate the artistic merits, but sorry, no photo.

We painted, we admired each other's artwork, and we took a few photos from those willing to have their pictures taken. There is in fact a strict no photos policy at the resort, but people just couldn't help it. They needed proof of their artistic adventures.

There were a few guests who opted not to participate. They had concerns, but after the party they told me they thoroughly enjoyed watching the fun.

Later, I asked Sally for her reaction to how the evening turned out. Her answer was enthusiastic. “Successfully. Every single resort guest came out. That alone says a lot.”

I wondered if she thought having it at an au naturel resort made a difference. Sally said that, “It was a lot easier for people to get naked, obviously they are already super comfortable so it felt like any other party. In New York, the events are for the general public and people who come out are certainly not nudists so for them, it's a life changing experience."

I agreed, but asked if there were any surprises for this confident New Yorker. More than anything else, she said, she was pleased that everyone turned out for the party. And the feedback she got from guests, many of who are repeaters, was that this event was one of the best nights they ever had at the resort.

Also on hand for the event was Alejandro P Alegϋe, the Sales Manager for Niche Markets which includes Hidden Beach, one of the Karisma Hotels and Resorts.It was fun to see this young man “get into it”. No, he didn't take it all off, but he did tell me that he, “had a great time getting painted and painting fellow guests.”

He echoed Sally's feeling that “It went great, everyone had a great time, there was a good synergy in the entire event always accompanied with great vibes and respect to each other.” The two agreed that they'd like to repeat the Naked Painting Party at Hidden Beach and are considering the spring and summer of 2014.

Looks like the Naked Painting Party will be returning to Hidden Beach in Mexico Photo credit: Dianne R. Davis


Oh, and about those few who chose not to participate. I spoke to them after the event and they told me that while it was fun to watch, they would definitely participate the next time it is done. Who knows, maybe we'll be back there with them.

In addition to the Naked Painting Party, guests enjoy gourmet meals at Hidden Beach and unlimited access to fine dining next door at El Dorado Seaside Resorts. Daily activities include cooking lessons, volleyball games, entertainment in the evenings, and various other programs. Guests may also enjoy activities and entertainment at El Dorado Seaside Suites.

Hidden Beach is also the perfect spot for those who simply want to lounge around the pool, on the beach, in the hammocks, or outside some of the fabulous swim up rooms.

For Sally's photos from the event, visit Social Exposure Media. More information about Hidden Beach can be found at Hidden Beach Resort

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