My Experience Of Last Train Journey

My last train journey was indeed a memorable one. It was all thanks to the GoTicket train ticket that I had found online.

I live in New York with my wife June and my two little daughters. My wife is just as fond of travelling, or shall I say adventure, as I am. My cute daughters too enjoy travelling with us, despite the occasional hardships that we have had to face.

New York City, as most people would know, is the most highly populated city in the United States. It has been described as the cultural capital of the world. People also refer to New York City as The City That Never Sleeps. Citizens in this city lead a very fast-paced life and can cope up only because of their high-energy lifestyles.

As a child, I could not travel much. My father was not a travel enthusiast and nor was my mother. There was no Internet and facilities like GoTicket to find train ticket did not exist then. They were both very simple people who led a somewhat contended life in their own way. But I was always fascinated by mountains, deserts, seas, rivers, tunnels and beautiful sea beaches. I wanted to travel all over the world but could do little to achieve my dream. As I grew up, my fascination remained intact but the urge to travel across the globe mellowed down quite a bit. I got many opportunities to travel to exceptionally captivating locations and I availed all those opportunities. I travelled far and wide. But, somehow, the urge to travel to yet unseen beautiful locations still prompts me to be on the lookout for any occasion to travel, preferably with family.

My wife and I were sipping our morning tea when all of a sudden, my wife almost jumped and said, “Mark, let’s go to Florida.” I was stunned and retaliated, “But why on earth? Why should we go to Florida?”

She started explaining that what she meant was that we should go on a holiday to Altamonte Springs in Florida. As we had both been planning to take a few days’ off from work for some time, the discussion, on its own, took a positive turn. She went on to add that one of her colleagues had recently found train tickets through ‘GoTicket train ticket’ and was very pleased with her experience. She suggested that we also first explore GoTicket train ticket before trying out the other options. Saying this, she got up to pick her laptop, started exploring the options and in a few minutes flat, we were done with our train ticket bookings from New York to Altamonte Springs, Florida through GoTicket train.

Soon came the day when we were scheduled to start for Altamonte Springs, Florida. Our train journey was an extremely pleasant one. The scenery-filled route truly delighted us as we had very good seats in the train. I was also carrying my binoculars which we used by taking turns. The distant islands, clouds, farm scenes and mist all added to our excitement.

We checked into one of the finest luxury hotels in Altamonte Springs in Florida. It is a suburban city which falls in Seminole county in the State of Florida and has a population of a little over 40,000. Dr. Washington Kilmer of Cincinnati settled here around 1870 and named the place Altamont. In 1882, it got its present name Altamonte Springs.

We had gone to Altamonte Springs without much expectation. Our train journey had already been very pleasant, our hotel staff was extremely courteous and hospitable. What more could we have asked for? But let me share with you that our visits to the following places and events gave us some really joyous moments:

1. Cranes Roost Park – Water fountain choreographed to contemporary, classical and swing music is a must watch.

2. Uptown Altamonte – This is the newly opened central business district of the city. It has two shopping malls, a theatre, many restaurants, apartment buildings and high rise condominiums.

3. Red, Hot, and Boom – This annual event marks the celebrations of Independence Day on July 3. It’s a major firework festival which draws more than 100,000 visitors from all over Florida. It has appearances and performances by renowned artists from the national and international arena.

4. Lake Lotus Nature Park – A nice, little, quiet park one would love to visit.

We also liked visiting the exclusive Gift and Speciality shops, Paint and Pottery Studio, mini golf course and the club in Altamonte Springs.

For discerning tourists, Altamonte Springs is served by Orlando International Airport and Orlando Sanford International Airport, both around 30 minutes’ drive from the city. It is served by Lynx Bus service which covers the six-county area. It is also served by SunRail, the Central Florida Commuter Rail system.

After our thoroughly enjoyable trip to Altamonte Springs, Florida, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending GoTicket and Altamonte Springs to any travel enthusiast.

Happy travelling!

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