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London Pass Review - See the Best of London With a VIP for Less

By Amy Koslowski

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London is a city with endless tourist attractions, steeped in history and beauty.  So much so that the attempt to schedule, pay for, and access all of the amazing things offered can seem overwhelming!  It was certainly that way when my 8-yr-old daughter and I started to plan our trip there.



Being a lover of history and all things English, my daughter’s list of what to do and see was endless!  Ok, so that’s an exaggeration, but it was extensive to say the least.  Lucky for us, our research led us to The London Pass – a great way to make all of the sightseeing faster, easier and more affordable!



The London Pass provides access to more than 60 top London attractions including Westminster Abbey, ZSL London Zoo and the Tower of London. With a range of additional special offers, The London Pass makes for a perfect day out for less.  Users have priority access at the busiest sites to avoid queues and receive a free guidebook and more than 40 additional great deals and discounts.   LondonPass provides details on all of the featured attractions, a London map tool to plan visits, and comprehensive information on special offers that are exclusive to London Pass holders such as commission-free currency exchange.”



The London Pass offers you a variety of options, from 1- to 10-day time spans, options for including travel, adult and child pricing and even a money back guarantee for unused passes – though I can’t imagine having one and not using it!!  And then there’s the second generation app developed for iPhone and Android phones which allows you access to even more information and exclusive offers while you are seeing the sights.



We arranged for a 3-day London Pass and found our way just off Trafalgar Square to The London Pass kiosk to pick up our passes.  We were given two passes, lanyards to wear them easily around our necks, a guidebook listing all of the attractions offered (including descriptions, hours of operation, locations and transportation options), and some information about their mobile phone app.  The London Pass representatives were friendly and answered all of our questions.



We also opted to purchase a dining pass and book that offers discounts to eateries all around the city for a mere £10.  We had our money’s worth after only two meals and saved money on every meal thereafter!




For our three days, we chose to visit Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court, The Globe Theater and Windsor Castle.  At each location, we were quickly at the front of the line and simply had our London Pass scanned for entry.  No fiddling with money in and out of the purse or pocket, calculating if I’d brought enough for the day or following charges on my credit card.  It was all done ahead of time and entry was just the scan of the Pass.  Awesome!



London is a city of extraordinary historical significance and being able to walk through history yourself is one of the most exciting experiences possible.  Being in the space where Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married (though photographs are not allowed inside),




Where Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard lost their lives,




Passing through the rooms where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert lived,




Seeing the Great Hall where King Henry VIII celebrated and Shakespeare’s company ‘The Kings Men’ performed,




Walking through the famous Globe Theater where Shakespeare’s works have been performed for centuries,




And seeing the residence of Kings and Queens for over 1000 years . . .




It is a history lesson like no other.  No class or book can give you the experience of being in the very place where so many world-changing events transpired and it’s truly inspiring.  Thank you to The London Pass for making it so possible for us to see and experience so much!!



Be sure to go to LondonPass, to decide which Pass works best for you the next time you want to see all you can see in London!


Photographs by Amy Koslowski


Published on Mar 04, 2015

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