Lisbon’s LX Boutique Hotel Review – Location, Location, Location! with Concierge Focus

LX Boutique Hotel introduces you to Portugal's love of blue-- inside and out. Photo courtesy of LX Boutique Hotel


Fresh from the plane, with just a few moments at the LX Boutique Hotel, you realize you are getting a quick immersion short course on Portuguese culture from its lobby and surrounds.   


Notice the typical Fado guitar style decorating this room on the "Fado" floor. Each floor of the hotel varies wallpaper and decor: books motif for Pessoa, river views for the first floor, a city tram on the top foor, etc. Photo courtesy of LX Boutique Hotel


That’s just what this hotel –which takes the name LX, the popular abbreviation for ‘the Lisbon Experience”—wants you to feel.


One lovely view from our hotel room. Photo: Peter Kachergis


The first thing you notice is the blue and white porcelana bowls, vases and other objets d’art in every nook and cranny. 


The cozy lobby has much blue decor. Photo courtesy of LX Boutique Hotel


Oldie time album-sized photos of family poses are framed in various displays.  The sofa is 19th-Century parlour style.  It all combines to give you the sense you’ve come to visit a favorite Portuguese aunt in her home.




The location itself is so iconic that when H&M went to Lisbon to shoot one of its famed David Beckham videos, they used the LX Boutique Hotel building exterior and its street as a backdrop. 


Iconic Lisbon street view. Photo courtesy of LX Boutique Hotel


These are also the same streets where one of Portugal’s most famous writers, Fernando Pessoa, took his daily strolls.  


One of Portugal's most famous writers, Pessoa, was known to take his daily constitutionals on the street in Lisbon where LX Boutique Hotel is. One floor's halls and rooms are decorated with books to remember this influence. Photo courtesy of LX Boutique Hotel


But to today’s visitors the more important aspect of this location is just how central it is.  You are in walking distance to the metro and trains.  From most rooms you look out your window to the Tagus River.    


From the hotel, you can look down to the Tagus Riverfront. Photo courtesy of LX Boutique Hotel


If you too love to explore new cities by foot, this is an ideal launch point to the tourist highlights of Lisbon’s Chiado and Bairro Alto areas.


The top floor suite had attic walls that added to the cozy feel of the room-- AND, more importantly perhaps, helped remove us from the active and loud street scene below in the late night. Photo: Peter Kachergis


You may come to LX Boutique Hotel for its location and overall high ROI on a mid-range price point, but the standout concierge service is perhaps the biggest plus. 


If you sit in the lobby you will see a continual parade of guests coming to the front desk for tips on how to get from point A to B, tips on where to eat, shop and wander. Photo: Peter Kachergis


Sitting in the small lobby we saw its congenial multi-lingual front desk staff steer guest after guest to the right metro, advise them on site hours, or give them tips on the best restaurants in the places they are touring that day. 


Sitting in the lobby we saw a steady parade of guests conferring with the front desk staff on maps, suggestions for restaurants, and tips on how to make the most of their day. The expertise and efficiency of the concierge services is a standout. Photo: Peter Kachergis


Vasco Pires, Front Desk Manager of LX Boutique Hotel, explains, “We don’t want our guests to waste their time and money on second rate very touristy places.  We keep a list at the front desk of places to recommend where our guests can have a more genuine, less touristic experience.”


Front Desk Manager Vasco Pires knows the city well and


Tip #1 - Read Front Desk Manager Vasco Pires’ current list of suggested Lisbon Best Eats here.


The Front Desk Staff are not only very congenial but also informative on ways to make the best use of your time and enjoy Lisbon to the max. Photo courtesy of LX Boutique Hotel


Tip #2 – Pick up a copy of LX Boutique Hotel’s city map--- an easy-to-read alternative to the cluttered official tourist maps or the sketchy ones you find in most guidebooks.


The hotel adjoins a very popular sushi place in Lisbon-- where sushi is all the rage. In the morning this restaurant hosts a breakfast buffet for all the LX Boutique Hotel guests. Photo: Peter Kachergis


You can book your stay at LX Boutique Hotel via most online booking sites or directly at the LX Boutique Hotel website. 


Like most of the hotels we stayed at in Portugal, the breakfast buffet included a nice selection of very delectable fresh juices. Photo courtesy of LX Boutique Hotel


Most guests are from Europe, with a healthy North American contingent.  Mr. Pirez recommends booking a few months in advance, especially during the March to October high season when a 90% occupancy is the norm.


Many of the rooms have cozy perches by the windows. Photo courtesy of LX Boutique Hotel


LX Boutique Hotel

Rua do Alecrim nº 12

1200 – 017 Lisboa 



General phone: +351 21 347 43 94

General fax: +351 21 347 31 82







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