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Line Up Of Digital Developments For Air Travel

By Lisa Brooke

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Innovation in the Aviation industry has come a long way, and airlines have a new tech-savvy customer to satisfy while minimizing costs and optimizing revenue. Experts are working round-the-clock to figure out how to accomplish just that. This has seen the development of torque seal and other high-tech devices for the Aviation industry.

In light of this, we will highlight some major digital developments that are set to significantly revolutionize the world of air travel.


NEXT is an Integrated Marketing Service (PIMS) global marketing platform developed by Panasonic Avionics. This cabin technology encompasses a service that transforms airline seats into smart consumer study and marketing portals.

According to Panasonic, PIMS is the largest in-flight marketing solution the Air Travel industry has ever seen. The technology has the ability to capture coarse data of passenger activities by the seat. As an Airline executive, you can apply your own passenger data for an extremely targeted promotion of commodities to passengers, enhancing retail onboard as well as on the ground.

Iconnz Digital Cabin

A brainchild of Zodiac Aerospace, Iconnz digital cabin typically makes the aircraft self-aware. It includes an array of operation’s activities both, pre-flight and in-flight services. It also encompasses various aspects of aircraft maintenance.

Thanks to Iconnz digital cabin’s smart sensors, the airline crew can easily ascertain that every passenger has the seat belt fastened and identifies any passenger who hasn’t buckled up. Likewise, seats can be marked to ensure that a life jacket is intact in its container.

This technology also comes with digitalized overhead bins, which have the following capabilities:

● Report on the passengers’ load status
● Alert gate crew on when to start checking passengers’ cabin luggage
● Ensure there’s no wastage of luggage bin space

Moreover, Iconnz digital cabin allows for the immediate transmission of data to airline operations for efficient planning of maintenance response. It’s also worth noting that the system can boost retail operations.

Cabin Survey App

Output 42, an independent aviation software developer, has developed a fully digital Cabin Survey app, which has made it easier to conduct post-flight cabin checks. The app can run on any mobile operating system, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

With the cabin survey app, airline cabin maintenance staff can be able to record and report any issues on board within 10-15 seconds with the help of a simple photo and marking interface. The mobile app can work both online and offline. Moreover, it automatically synchronizes via the cloud, integrating with the organization’s MRODoc maintenance tracking platform.

SkyGuru’s iOS and Android App

Software developers SkyGuru first developed an iOS app that helped users neutralize their fear of flying. It did that by forecasting and explaining flight conditions in real-time. The developer is set to launch an Android version of the app after successfully carrying out a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of development.

SkyGuru acquires professional data and information from their partners in order to provide accurate information and valuable commentaries on the flights’ ups and downs to the app users. They normally acquire information and data on:

● Previous flights
● Weather
● Airport operations

It’s worth noting that SkyGuru never collects nor stores any personal data from the app users. They rely only on standard location services via GPS data.


The Air Travel industry welcomes new innovations every day, all geared towards improving efficiency and customer experience while keeping the costs of operation at a minimum. The aforementioned are some of the major digital developments that are set to revolutionize the world of Air Travel.

Published on Jun 13, 2017

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