Le Pavillon Des Lettres Hotel Review – Oh, la, la!

Location, location, location! is typically associated with real estate. But, in the case of Le Pavillon Des Lettres Hotel in Paris, it makes all kinds of sense, especially if you visit Paris the best way possible—on foot.

In the heart of Paris

Counting this trip, my husband and I have visited Paris 6 times and on the best trips, we walked almost everywhere. This time around, we had two new assets that made the most of our walking time and helped us absorb the Parisjoie de vivre” as we never have before.

Le Pavillon des Lettres

The first, of course, was the incredibly French hotel, Le Pavillon Des Lettres!
Only in Paris, the most beautiful city in the world, could design, comfort, hospitality and love of literature meet.

As their brochure says:

“…the Pavillon Des Lettres blends the art of writing with interior design… Each of the 26 rooms represents a letter of the alphabet and is dedicated to a writer…to inspire peaceful sleep by night and feed the imagination by day.”


Calderon, the Spanish author of Life is a Dream, was the namesake for room C, our room. We slept very well in that room.

We probably would have slept quite well in this one, too. (Hint: "Un Rêve" is a dream.)


"Un Rêve" suite

The connection between creative thought, sleep and beauty is everywhere, right down to the gorgeous white orchids placed everywhere.


Orchids everywhere

But it was the down-to-earth personal touches at every turn that made our stay most memorable. On our first night, we were exhausted and not very hungry.  So we asked the receptionist/concierge where we could buy some food for a picnic (pique-nique) on our balcony. She found the perfect place,printed out a map for us and highlighted the route. We had a fun, somewhat challenging walk before dinner, got to see some more of our fashionable neighborhood, and then had a relaxing dinner on our balcony followed by––what else? Sweet dreams.


How do you follow sweet dreams?

With a sweet beginning: a delicious, graciously served buffet breakfast the next morning. And—special bonus—this is where I observed what a cosmopolitan, international clientele shared our hotel. The fashion! The languages! The je ne sais quoi!


Our Dining Room

Picture this:

We were around the corner from Pierre Cardin’s showroom where we were treated to our very own fall fashion preview.

Some of Pierre Cardin's creations

And see these incredible new shoes in the window of MIU-MIU.

Surprisingly, we were also in a charming Parisian neighborhood, quartier, where we could look out our window and see a homey window box to our left and the Eiffel Tower to our right.

Imagine my surprise later when I found this Abercrombie and Fitch “store” on the Champs Elysées!

We also discovered a new-to-us service called the Batobus, the “boat bus,” which took us and to every historical monument on the Seine, dropped us (and the other passengers) off and swung around later to pick us up. One “hop-on-hop-off” ticket per person per day enabled us to see a lot in only two days!

Revisiting a Special Place

It also meant that we could revisit one of our favorite places, Luxembourg Gardens.
I was so pleased to be able to find the original Statue of Liberty right where I left her.

The Statue of Liberty in Luxembourg Gardens


Discovering a moving, heartfelt memorial of World War I.

Merci! France thanks First World War allies with Champs Elysées Photo Exhibition was possibly the most memorable event on our trip. Large as life photos—100 of them to commemorate the 100 years since WWI––were lined up (like soldiers?) along the most beautiful street in the world—to commemorate the heroism and sacrifices made by the men and women of the “war to end all wars.”

Hopefully, those pictures will, someday find their way into a book. But for now, here’s a link to some information:

World War I memorial website

I think it’s obvious that our trip to Paris and our stay at Le Pavillon Des Lettres Hotel was the most varied, the most moving, the stuff dreams are made of!

Le Pavillon Des Lettres Hotel website


Photos: Courtesy of Le Pavillon Des Lettres and Herb Simms




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