Le Crayon Hotel Review - Paint, Paint, Paint!

Le Crayon Hotel in Paris


Identical Lacks Creativity

Paint, Paint, Paint!


Rainbow feelings, divine atmosphere and creative inspiration take over you while staying at the newest tourist hotspot, Le Crayon Hotel in the worldwide fashion capital, Paris!


A beautiful mix of bright colors and diverse materials are obvious from just entering the main lobby. Going forward, you can see each one of the 27 different rooms of the hotel conveying a flamboyant vibe, which is totally unique. There are so many mirrors and pictures on the walls of the rooms that make you think that you live in another era. Energy is all around. Fun is what you seek for. Drive is what you get. Le Crayon Hotel is built on an artist's hub, offering all the ingredients a contemporary person might need in order to prepare himself to succeed in whatever he sets his mind on! The contemporary design, the vivid colors in the rooms, on the walls all around, and even at the elevators set you free, make you want to fly and live your dream.


The use of wallpapers, industrial furniture combined with more classic ones and the actual crayon marks on the walls seem like a collage in a fashion and comic magazine. Even though your house is probably not like it, you certainly feel like at home.


"Identical Lacks Creativity" is the motto of the hotel. In this patchwork of ideas, you'll come across the soul of the city or even an artist's view of Paris, just like an "echo that resonates from the outside". Nothing is the same and everything is unique. The continuous use of crayons from the designer Julie Gauthron, a French artist that was the creative director behind this result, makes you feel like a grown-up child again. Just think that apart from her, even her own little daughter wanted to take part in it when she saw her moms work, so she let her paint on some of the walls, and the result was remarkably sweet!


Join the vibrant patterns and colors while staying there! Feel young again and paint, paint, paint at Le Crayon Hotel!


Please find more information about Le Crayon Hotel in Paris here: www.hotelcrayon.com 

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