La Pecora Nera Bed & Breakfast in Mazzolla, Tuscany Review – Choose the Personality of Your Room


Drive the many S-shaped curves of the road from Volterra to the small town of Mazzolla, just 15 minutes or so away for the cautious foreign driver.  You find yourself in a small town, population about 45, and ask anyone the way to La Pecora Nera, a small bed & breakfast that opened just this past January in a small house with a beautiful garden, that was a one-time convent in 500 A.D.



Proprietess Elisa Lundardi when she is not tending to her Air B& B advertised hotel, is a professional cheese taster. 



It was through that work that she met her partner and soulmate Giovanni Cannas of Lischeto Farms



La Pecora Nera, which translates as “the black sheep” reflecting a feeling Giovanni has long had about himself, is their joint venture and also plan for their future love nest when they are pensioners.



When you get to La Pecora Nera you will usually get a tour of the three rooms from Elisa, or any of them that are available, and invited to choose your environs for your stay.  They are the antithesis of cookie cutter typical rooms, each boasting a personality carefully crafted by Elisa and the architect she hired to help create the La Pecora Nera experience.



Elisa explains, “Each room has its own emotion, but each is very feminine.  Every woman has many personalities at different points of her life.  I wanted each room to include the imprint of my personality too.



“I call this ‘fine del masculo’, meaning the end of men, or what is the complete opposite of women.  Women are tranquility and peace, but men are war. 



"All of the rooms are made with natural materials—stone, wood and moss for the headboard of one of the room’s beds.



The three rooms are called: “Eva”, a calm room;


The headboard of the bed in the Eva room is alive! Photo courtesy of La Pecora Nera


“Frida” decorated in red; and “Elinora” named for a Sardinian judge of the 1400’s who came from a noble family and in whose room you see a golden tree to represent her family tree.



Elisa has a five year-old son and notes that the small neighborhood of very friendly and social older pensioners also makes it a perfect place for children.  



Interestingly, and probably because La Pecora Nera has made good use of Air B&B to find its guests, it stands out as the one accommodation we visited in Tuscany where most of the clientele are American.




For more information visit the B&B La Pecora Nera website .


B&B La Pecora Nera

Via Villaggio Mazzolla, 22

56048 Mazzolla

Volterra (PI), Italy


(+39) 331 3456796




Photos:  Peter Kachergis, unless otherwise indicated









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