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Kale Konak Hotel Review- Uçhisar's "hotel du charme"

By Amy Munice

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Seclusion and splendor.  



These are two words that come to mind to describe Uçhisar's Kale Konak Hotel.  



Just steps away from the awe-inspiring landmark Uçhisar's castle that stands out even in the spectacular panorama that is the Cappadocia skyline, it offers a cozy feeling of privacy whether you opt for a room in one of the two ancient houses above ground or one of the six cave suites below.



Artfully decorated, this is the "hotel du charme" that its letterhead promises.  



Every corner, nook and cranny--and without exaggeration there are more than a hundred-- has a tasteful object d'art, Turkish tapestry, interesting carved wooden door from India or Turkey, and more.  



There are both sun-filled patio tables and shaded serving spaces in the veranda.  



In the suite of cave rooms you find inviting common areas perfect for gatherings of friends or family and replete with bottles of champagne waiting celebratory uncorkings.



You feel as if you are living happily in a chic high-end antique shop sans clutter.  



If you are reading take time to put your book down and admire your room or common area surrounds.



24/7 there is a hamam to sweat, relax, shower,scrub and relax in again.  



If the awe-inspiring surrounds of Cappadocia didn't lure you outside it would be easy to imagine a day with multiple visits to this hamam, free to all guests of the hotel and made into a private retreat with a simple click of an outside door.  Masseurs can be hired through the hotel.



If you know the delights of the typical sweet and savory Turkish breakfast expect to be delighted even more than usual.  Tastefully presented, the cheeses, olives, preserves etc. is definitely a cut above.  One can also order a set menu dinner that varies each day of the week if you have the forethought to do so by noon.



Abdullah Guney, co-owner and head Manager of the hotel had many prior years of experience in the restaurant industry and it shows.  Ever warm and cordial, he is a font of information on how to enjoy yourself in the area and can arrange everything from balloon tours to recommending the area's hidden gem restaurants such as Muti's in nearby Ürgüp.  If he gives you advice, take it-- he will not steer you wrong.



Like Abdullah, the entire staff is gracious and seeming to keep an ever watchful eye towards any detail that would add to your comfort.  


Guests come from around the world, all seeming to find the tasteful decor and gracious staff to their liking.  



It's probably best to make advance reservations, especially if you prefer to experience troglodyte luxury cave rooms or an above grade room instead.



Tip: if you are staying for several days see if the hotel can switch you from cave suite to one of the house hotel rooms or vice versa.  



They are unique experiences both worth having.



This is not just a hotel to escape to for sleep-- though the quiet solitude both above and below ground will certainly make that easy.  



Rather, this is a place to immerse yourself in surrounds to savor.



Visit the Kale Konak Cave Hotel website.


Address  :Kale Sok. No : 9 - 50240 Uçhisar/Nevsehir
Telephone:+90 384 219 28 28
Fax :    +90 384 219 30 06
Mail :    [email protected]


Published on Jun 19, 2014

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