iChauffeur announces its new service - Bespoke Tours of Great Britain

Okay let’s play 20 questions (more or less).  Are you - Planning a trip to Great Britain?  Love luxury? Ever dreamt of traveling like a movie star, head of state, captain of industry or trust fund baby? Wish you had a friend across the pond that would plan every little detail of your trip leaving you to choose your delight then sit back and enjoy?  Fantasized climbing into the back of a Rolls Royce and being whisked away as the countryside whirls past your window and you sip on a mineral water or champagne?  Fantasized rolling down the window of your Rolls Royce and asking the one next to you to pardon you but do they have any Grey Poupon?  Been in a foreign city and wished you had a contact to call if you needed help or even a quick question answered?

Did a get a yes to one or more of those questions?  Yep?!! Good read on dear friend read on. You may remember my article on iChauffeur and how much I enjoyed my visit with them last time I was in the UK.

Well I went to London again and of course my first thought concerning transportation was iChauffeur. And once again I had a delightful encounter with highly personalized and exceptional service from my personal chauffeur Paul Dalton. Who in the middle of my trip arranged a mobile phone with delivery for me, and who was always available to me via that mobile phone.   These are just a few of the extra services that are available to their clientele.

iChauffeur is a company that truly understands service and their newest is one that isn’t being offered by anyone else. It is a Bespoke Tour of Great Britain. Just in case you aren’t familiar with British English here is a definition from Wikipedia on the word Bespoke.

{Bespoke is usually a British English term for tailored clothing made at a customer's behest, and exactly to the customer's specification. Bespoke clothing is created without use of a pre-existing pattern, differentiating it from made to measure, which alters a standard-sized pattern to fit the customer. In American English, it is a synonym for "custom made."

Today, it is also frequently used for technical components specifically developed for a certain application (e.g. bespoke software), as well as in the automotive and cake decorating industries, when customers get a chance to have an automobile equipped or cake decorated to their specification.}

iChauffeur is delighted to introduce a new service in partnership with British Heritage Bespoke Tours. The British Heritage Bespoke Tour redefines what you might expect from a tour of Great Britain.

Imagine departing the plane checking in at customs and being met by your personal chauffeur who guides you to the parking garage, you wait for a minute as he get the car. Then you slip into the creamy leather seats of a gorgeous Rolls Royce Phantom and are whisked away for 10 delight filled days as you are delivered Great Britain on a sliver platter. You are taken to the finest restaurants, shown interesting heritage sites and enjoy the ultimate in automotive travel by your own personal chauffeur and tour guide, Mr. Michael Frye.

The premise of this tour is simple. To provide a truly luxurious sightseeing, shopping and gastronomic experience that will leave an indelible and memorable impression of Great Britain. The tours have been put together to reflect the best of Britain. A Britain that only a select few will be able to witness.

From the gastronomic delights of the finest restaurants to the outstanding heritage and history, Britain is a fabulous place to visit. With iChauffeur's outstanding concierge service they can find those elusive tickets or book you into the most exclusive of restaurants, to give you an amazing vacation in London and Great Britain.

Chauffeur and guide Michael Frye was once the youngest principal chair of the London Symphony Orchestra. He later became one of the most sought after musicians in the studio and live on stage. He has performed for and with artists as diverse as The Who, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John and many others. Several years ago he ended his music career to focus on his real passion - travel. His interest and knowledge of Britain’s heritage led him to form British Heritage Bespoke Tours.  iChauffeur and British Heritage Bespoke Tours have formed a  partnership and after 18 months of close cooperation and work they are proud to present one of the finest way to see Britain.

For more information on this luxury 10 day tour - British Heritage Bespoke Tour

For more information on iChauffeur  +44 208 400 4829

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