Hydrea Exclusive Hospitality Hotel - Hydra's old Mansion

An old tradition of boutique hospitality, a strong link with the island whose beauty never fails to enchant the visitors and some of the most insuperable views to the magnificent port of Hydra, offer to its guests a luxurious accommodation in total relaxation at the Hydrea Exclusive Hospitality Hotel.

Hydrea Exclusive Hospitality Hotel is the one that we chose to stay when in Hydra. It proved to be a wise choice. It is located right at the end of the port overlooking the whole town. Built of stone, seems so aristocratic that anyone can understand its history and value. In order to get into the hotel you enter through a big wooden door, climb up the main staircase, like in the old times and go into the main lobby with the tall ceilings, piano & chandeliers. Awe is the feeling that captivates your whole body and mind when there. A beautiful lady welcomed us and guided us to our suite. Hydrea has 8 elegant suites, equipped with Coco-Mat mattresses, eco furniture & bio toiletries. The view from the suites is breathtaking. In the morning, while having organic breakfast, Almond milk and the most amazing omelet we have ever tasted, we had the chance to glance out of the windows and see the fishermen getting ready to start their daily trip at the sea. 

Before going down to have a walk in the old town, we took a stroll through the building, having a look around so that we could have a better feeling of what was going on there centuries ago. Important to say that the smell of the whole place was really unique. The whole place smelled so fresh, perhaps jasmine and levander. On the main lobby, we could see and inside balcony. A balcony that in the older days they used to have a quartet to entertain the guests of the owners at the receptions they held. 

Needless to say that we spent many hours during our stay at the atmospheric balcony, right at end of the main staircase. Small events, meetings and even private weddings are something that multiple times take place there and with great success. 

Hydrea Exclusive Hospitality Hotel is a must stay if you visit the island and you will not regret it!


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