Hveragerði - The hottest little town in Iceland

Hveragerði, is definitely the hottest little town in Iceland. The town is literally built on a geothermally active hot spring field. Pretty cool eh? You won‘t find another town like it, in the northern hemisphere at least.  

Hot springs everywhere


The hot springs themselves are interesting in their own rights. Who wouldn‘t want to go golfing on a golf course where there are spouting springs? Or go for a casual walk in the local park on a glorious summer day and see bubbling hot pools, bubbling mud pools and steam fields, while inhaling the interesting smell and atmosphere of sulfur and steam? Perhaps boil an egg or two, while you‘re at it. It's surreal, no other word for it. 


Casually boiling eggs in the outdoors


The colors of the town are quite interesting, with large areas of white steam scattered along the hill sides and within the town, blend nicely with lush valleys of green of all shades, the brown and purple rock and the orange and earth colored fields all around. 


Hveragerði takes full advantage of the abundant geothermal energy from the surrounding area and of all the hot water specifically. Hveragerði is therefore, naturally, a horticultural town, a health, wellness and spa town and an outdoor adventure paradise with a surprising relaxing twist. The local cuisine is exciting and innovative and is mainly designed around the hot steam vents, scattered around the town. Seeing is believing and tasting is divine.


Do you know the song: ♪ Summertime and the living is easy, Fish are jumping..... ♫?. That‘s exactly what the fish are doing in Hveragerði. The river that runs through the town is a warm river, warmer than most, and the fish know it and love it. You can literally see the fish jumping up stream and up small waterfalls in order to get to their ideal place for spawning.  

Summertime and the living is easy


Of course Hveragerði is not just a pretty little town in Iceland. Behind all this geothermal energy lurk Mother Nature’s finest forces. Earthquakes of (mostly) a small magnitude are quite common in Hveragerði due to the proximity to Hengill one of Iceland’s most active geothermal and volcanic areas. For some it only adds to the excitement and charm of visiting the town. For those more daring, there is a manmade quake exhibition, which provides the inquisitive and brave with a taste of what a real earthquake feels like.


When you visit Iceland for the first time or the next time you visit Iceland, make sure not to miss this unique opportunity to visit Hveragerði, a delightful little town in the south of Iceland. Only about 35 minute drive from Reykjavik!


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The photos in this article belong to and are borrowed from Iceland Activitieshttp://icelandactivities.is/ and the Association for tourism in Hveragerði

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