Hua Hin’s Baan Laksasubha Resort Review – Go For the Royal Touch

The main attraction of Baan Laksasubha is of course the beach


Scour your memory banks.  Do you also find that your first impression of Thailand a.k.a. Siam was actually of Russian-born alpha-masculine Yul Brynner playing the title role in “The King and I” and beckoning you to visit with an inviting “Shall We Dance”? 


The lobby decor and design immediately immerses you in a different world, such that you forget the street is just outside the door


If so, when you arrive at Hua Hin’s Baan Laksasubha you will be coming full circle. 


When you arrive you will be served a chilled "welcome drink" in the lobby-- a wonderful Thai custom


ML.Laksasubha Kridakon, the force of nature owner and designer of upmarket Baan Laksasubha explains, “My great grand father Prince Nares Kridakon, son of King Mongkhut --the King portrayed in ‘King and I’-- developed this land during his Governance of Hua Hin over 100 years ago. It was handed down to my Grand father and then my Father, a Thai Ambassador, and then to me.”


A winding path with varied landscaping walks you towards the beach, restaurant, bar and spa


The walk to the beach from the lobby at a leisurely stroll takes about five minutes.


You will find a royal pedigree somewhere in the land titles of all Hua Hin beach resorts, but Baan Laksasubha is actually the only one that is still owned by a Royal descendant. 


While we visited, a Thai TV station was also doing a story about Baan Laksasubha


ML. Laksasubha Kridakon – or ML, as her staff affectionately calls her—also lives on the property in a house she built for her children when she became a single mother and during the years when she founded and ran an American-style pre-school in Bangkok.   


All rooms are color coordinated. This is an upper level room and the color scheme makes it seem cool


A room on the garden level


It was only seven years ago when ML re-purposed the land around her beach house to be the 16-villas (a total today of 65 rooms) that today are the Baan Laksusubha Resort


A front room in the suite near the hotel lobby


In the short time since, Baan Laksasubha has repeatedly won call-out awards from Trip Advisor, and perhaps more to the point, had a 70% repeat guest count when they were at near capacity during the time of our high season visit.


Even the bathrooms have the cheerful decorations that ML collected in her shopping expedition to Chiang Mai


While ML’s Royal background is of note, it’s actually the imprimatur of her time as an Ambassador’s daughter (growing up in Paris, Argentina, Budapest, and Australia) and later as an Ambassador’s wife where she experienced the Prague Spring that seems to have more bearing on the comfort you will find at Baan Laksasubha.


An herb garden on the walk from the ocean grows herbs used by the kitchen


The villas, that to some Americans might at first look like condos in Palm Springs--


The walkway to the beach is shaded by varied landscaping


except with MUCH nicer landscaping that helps also to create ubiquitous private nooks—are decorated with cheerful Thai décor with some global accents. 


Our room, near the hotel lobby, was actually rooms--- very spacious and comfortable


By her account, it was ML’s experience as an Ambassador’s wife during scarcity times in Prague that enabled her to pull this all together in record time. 



ML recounts, “…As an ambassador’s wife in Prague I had only a week to decorate our embassy with a mix of Thai and Czech décor….Here I had two months.  I went to Chiang Mai on a shopping tour and gathered truckloads of the decorations you see here…”


Every corner has little decor accents


ML's home is on the grounds of the hotel. She and her mother host semi-regular events for resort guests from time to time at their home


You’ll also likely admire the landscape design by ML’s mother.  


A spot in the garden path that reminds of the Spanish Moss in Savannah


To the right you see playful little Thai children scattered among the flora, perhaps reminding those who love "King and I" of tutor Anna's love for the Siamese children


Unfortunately we missed the monthly tea that ML and her mother host, as it would be quite interesting to talk to her and learn what inspired her obvious artistry and appreciation of local flora.   


ML's house is decorated with historic photography showing her Royal roots. Second from the right, you see her great grandfather King of whom the "King and I" character was based. In the center, wearing a sash, you see her late father, a Thai Ambassador


While the staff overflowed with apologies for the long walk from our room to the beach, restaurant, bar and spa facilities we rather liked the chance to admire the grounds during these 5 or so minute excursions.


Krit (for short), Front Office Manager, is a Hua Hin native who had worked in Bangkok hotels before returning to his home town


Do make note of how the staff fusses about your comfort because this is the real Royal touch.  The management team—ML,


Resort Manager Daniel Ruprecht, a native of Switzerland who has worked in Thailand for many years, is a font of insights about Thai culture


Swiss-born Resort Manager Daniel Ruprecht, Front Office Manager Prit (for short),


Ever cheerful student intern Emma is studying at the same Australian University that ML graduated from


Australian-born student intern Emma, and jack of all trades Spencer who hails from Sacramento and plans to stay in Thailand a few more years—all seemed to have in common a third eye that was spotting things amiss that you, the guest, probably will never notice.   Talk to members of this management team even briefly and you too will likely be struck by how bright they are—and perhaps later also reflect on how their diverse origins likely help them anticipate the needs and expectations of the resort guests from all corners of the globe.


Baan Laksasubha beach attendants eagerly set you up with towels on your chaise lounge. The nearby bar carries drinks out to you


A short-list of special features of Baan Laksasubha that most Americans will likely especially appreciate includes:


Baan Laksasubha's saltwater "infinity pool" affords a swim with an ocean view


-Location, location, location--- You get the best of both Hua Hin worlds—right on the beach and also on the other side on a street with Italian, French and other Western fare if you want a break from Thai food.  This is a very central Hua Hin location.


Baan Laksasubha's braakfast buffet is among the very best we've experienced in our travels


-Amazing breakfast buffet that has something for every moment’s palate.  You’ll find not only the full monty Western breakfast options (omelets to order, pancakes, bacon, waffles, etc.), a sumptuous selection of fruits, yogurts and cheeses, pasta dishes, and more, but best of all, Thai dishes that are spiced the way real Thai food is and not dumbed down for an imagined tourist palate.  


The restaurant has a spectacular breakfast buffet that will keep you sated until dinner. Also a weekly seafood buffet is said to be even more bountiful


This is a daily royal feast. 


(We heard that the weekly seafood buffet is even grander—and if schedule permits we’d certainly say to give that a try given the grand breakfast buffet high bar standard.)


The (chlorine) family pool is set away from the beach


-Two pools and the ocean to choose from—There is both a family pool  (chlorine) and an “infinity pool” (salt water), and of course, well-tended chaise lounge chairs on the resort’s shore.


The library, as seen while the sun is setting from the open patio area


-Happy Hour --  two for one drinks, that you can savor with a nice sunset.


Baan Laksasubha posts its calendar of outside activities. ML is keen to customize your experience with special events tailored just to your interests that give you insight into the Thail culture she loves


Baan Laksasubha hosts many activities to tour surrounding areas and take elephant rides, go snorkeling etc., but it’s ML’s desire to customize your experience to give you insights into the Thai spirit and culture that should be noted.  She would like to take you on a tour of the nearby green light squid boats followed by a seafood feast with white wine on the shore.  She would like you to get up at sunrise to meet the monks as they walk past the resort in the morning and then at day’s end take you on a sunset cruise.  If you sign on for a cooking class you can expect to go to the fishermen’s village to first buy the food.   Talking about such experiences seems to especially light up ML’s face and she explains, “When I went to Argentina I experienced the Latin happiness of dancing.  I want our guests to have equivalent experiences here…”


The way in which ML's chef sculpted the fruit at our luncheon speaks to the attention to detail that you will find throughout your resort experience

Visit the Baan Laksasubha website for more information.

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