Hiking in Cappadocia Review – Get Up Close with Cave Houses


When you are in Cappadocia the temptation to get from any point A to point B by hiking is high. 



Yes, there is a low-cost mini-bus that runs frequently between Uçhisar and Göreme, or you could walk down the main road to get there. 



But why not take the back road winding through fairy chimneys and the varied terrain near Pigeon Valley to see pigeon houses and other cave houses, birds, small farms, occasional critters and more up close?



Towering geologic wonders will accompany you on all Cappadocia hikes. 



There are formal trails through the valleys and more informal ones as well such as that back road between Uçhisar and Göreme. 



Those who love hiking will probably think a week is insufficient to take in all the possibilities that Cappadocia affords.


This is a wondrous landscape created by volcanic eruptions 9 million years ago that wind and rain have eroded over time into fascinating variations. 



When you first get to Cappadocia you are bound to think it is a type terrain you have never seen before.  As you hike its trails that first impression will be reinforced time and time again.



If you are not especially sure footed you might want to take along some walking sticks to help guide you down the more slippery slopes in what are otherwise gentle and not too demanding paths.  Good shoes are a must. 



You’ll also find magic in improbable tea gardens in the midst of nowhere like Hassan’s on the Pigeon Trail, where you will be showered with gifts.  



Going to Cappadocia to laze about hamams and sip good local wines is surely an option. 


But for the  more energetic, know that hikes and mountain bikes are calling.




Photos:  Peter Kachergis

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