Hidden Beach in Riviera Maya Holds Naked Painting Party - Au Natural Clientele To Paint


Is it possible to be naked but covered? And have a blast too. Have you had the urge to "paint the town red?" Well, you might not be able to paint the town, but you can paint your partner or new friend or even yourself. Just head for Hidden Beach on August 15-18 and enjoy Social Exposure's Naked Painting Party. What better place to celebrate the human body in its entirety than on the Carribean beach in Riviera Maya in Mexico.


Hidden Beach includes 42 secluded beachfront suites


Hidden Beach, a 42 room five star luxury au natural resort, has opened its doors to the Social Exposure Naked Painting Party on Saturday evening, August 17. Social Exposure, an avant garde event production company, will provide the structure and Mexico will provide the picturesque setting.


The all inclusive hotel will of course have its an open bar as vacationers stretch their experience in a fun-filled safe environment guaranteed to help people mix and mingle as they explore their artistic and fanciful side. 


Sally Golan selected Hidden Beach for the first interntional Naked Painting Party


Sally Golan, founder and Executive Producer of Social Exposure is enthusiastic over the location for this event. “This is the first stop on the Naked Painting Party's world tour,” she told me. "This is a great partnership for so many reasons.” Golan believes that, “Hidden Beach Resort is the perfect meld between upscale elegance and edgy, tasteful fun.   With the word "exposure" in the title of her company, Golan emphasized  to me that nude events are not the primary focus of her organization and that she produces thetrical events that are sophisticated. However, there's no question that her nude painting parties are unique and have been well received by participants 


This looks like a glowing experience for the guests


According to Golan, Social Exposure has held eight Naked Painting Parties, “All wildly successful, while pushing the envelope on sexiness and class.” She told me that they have managed to allow young, confident adults to enjoy and express themselves with fun, like-minded individuals in a party setting that always manages to provide a good time.  


This sounds like the kind of event that will leave you with memories and stories you will never forget. Caribbean beach, get naked, and paint each other or yourself all the while dancing to great music with sexy people. Wow, this sounds like the stuff that life long memories are made of and no doubt life long friendships as well.


In addition to the five star service, facilities and food at Hidden Beach, guests will have access to El Dorado Seaside Suites, a sister hotel of HBR where clothing is mandatory. El Dorado, an adults only property, boasts a top of the line spa, six restaurants, beachfront property, and is gourmet inclusive. With three days at the resort, besides the actual Naked Painting Party which takes place on Saturday, August 17th, there will be plenty of time for guests to relax, roam the properties, and enjoy the beach.


Social Exposure is clearly not your usual event company so there is no question that this unique happening will be one for the books. Golan founded the company in New York, “in hopes of creating more experiential, entertaining events that have an edgy appeal.”


While the usual event age group participants may range from 25-60, there's no telling who will be attracted to this event. For example, Golan just did an intimate chocolate charity spa party with 30 guests which was hand crafted for people to enjoy spa massages and benefit a wildlife organization.


Imagine the fun of meeting new people and painting them. Rest assured, this is not a sex party. Nudity does not mean orgy. But it certainly is an equalizer to get to know the real people and not judge them by their jewelry or what they wear but by their sense of adventure and fun. What better way to break the ice than in a warm Caribbean setting, with the sound of the ocean and the sight of the beach.


Don't worry about the paint. It washes right off when the individuals are ready to clean their human canvas. In addition to the guests at Hidden Beach, adults from the El Dorado Seaside Suites will be invited to come over, take it off, and join the party. A great opportunity to have some fun and check out the luxurious Hidden Beach facilities.


The swim up suites feature pool balconies


Get silly, have fun, mix and mingle. Be there for the first of what in all probability will become a yearly event and reunion for the painters and the paintees. For more information about Social Exposure, go to www.facebook.com/SocialExposureMedia.


Hidden Beach is located about an hour south of the Cancun airport. To learn more about Hidden Beach and this special event or to make your reservation, call 866 527 4762 or visit www.HiddenBeachResort.com. Use booking code HBRSE13 for a 25% discount.

Photos By Dianne R. Davis or Burt Davis

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