Hedonism II Resort in Jamaica – Review of Unique All-Inclusive Vacation Spot



Hedonism is located on Negril Jamaica’s Seven Mile Beach


Hedonism II aka Hedo is not your typical resort and it is not for everyone.  But if you want to let your hair down, leave your cares at home, live out a few fantasies, and share an amazing time with new friends for life, then give it a try.  Many multi-repeat guests will tell you that for them it was a life-changing experience.  

Hedonism II has the highest repeat guest return rate of any resort in the Caribbean.  When guests leave the all inclusive facility on the famed seven mile beach in Negril, Jamaica, they do not ask each other IF they will be back, but when.  Many return to the resort two or more times a year. The question is why?  With all the destinations, all the resorts, all the choices, why do so many return so often? 

Guests are greeted warmly at the entrance to the resort


There are many myths circulating about this resort and what goes on there as well as about who goes there. Since we are multi-repeat guests, we are particularly qualified to review this magical vacation spot which we, like countless other guests, refer to as “Home”.

There are resorts galore in the Caribbean.  What special features set Hedonism II apart?  If you've never vacationed there, read on to get the real truth about the resort with a reputation. If you have been there, read on to learn about the major changes, upgrades, and additions that have and are going to take place. 

Basic Information

Hedonism II is an all inclusive resort on 22 tropical acres in Negril, Jamaica.  The 280 room vacation destination opened in 1976 as Negril Beach Village and in 1981 was renamed Hedonism II.  No, there never was a Hedonism I. 




Hedo includes all the amenities you want in a Caribbean resort:  good beaches, gentle waters, water sports, tasty dining with local foods and staple food items, tropical drinks, plenty of optional activities and the friendliest most attentive staff you will find.  But Hedonism is “Lifestyle-friendly” and many parts of the resort permit full nudity. That sets it apart from almost any other resort. And it welcomes both couples and singles.


There was some deterioration in the facilities through the years, but that has and is being remedied. In February 2013, Hedo was sold. Since the acquisition, Harry Lange, primary owner, has invested in and supervised many upgrades to the property and has plans to continue improving it to entice visitors looking for a five star experience where they can live out their fantasies while enjoying the amenities of a first class resort.

But make no mistake.  While the resort is not yet (February 2015) a five star resort, visitors are pleased with the physical property and will tell you that the Hedo experience is more satisfying than chocolate on the pillows. As Harry tells it,  the resort, “gives guests a chance to be themselves or the selves they want to be.“

Harry Lange COO of Hedonism II


We sat down with Harry Lange in the Hedo open air dining room to discuss improvements to the resort as well as get his perspective on Hedonism’s target market.  Harry was a regular guest at the property before the purchase, so he is able to see the resort from the perspective of both the guests and the management team.  That team also includes CEO Jon Gross who has been a frequent guest and group leader for many years and Kevin Levee who has been the General Manager.


Harry spends about 30 weeks a year at the resort, but this guy isn’t sitting in an air conditioned office calling the shots.  And you don't call him Mr. Lange.  This is Harry, mingling with guests in the nude pool, the hot tub, or even the cave or standing in the buffet line, dancing in the disco, or sipping wine in the new wine lounge.

Many of the guest rooms have a new modern look * Photo courtesy of Hedonism


Harry told us that his initial goal was to upgrade the infrastructure of the resort. All guest rooms have been raised to newer higher standards with fresh paint, flat screen TVs, mini refrigerators, and improved air-conditioning. Many rooms have been completely remodeled and the resort has added balconies, patios, and personal hot tubs (which have been known to accommodate upwards of a dozen friendly naked people at one time).  

Free wifi is available in the redesigned courtyard


The courtyard adjacent to the main dining area has been covered with artificial grass and new seating which is often in use as guests take advantage of free wifi in the courtyard.  Public area restrooms have been upgraded and the very popular piano bar has been remodeled.  The dining room and resort entrance complex is due for a total remodel in 2015 . Harry is keeping his promises and the future of the resort looks sunny.



The Beach

The beach at Hedo has a sign designating one section as “nude only.”  The remainder, which in the past was known as the “prude beach”  is now clothing optional, a change from previous years.   Nude means nude. Visitors from neighboring resorts may walk through Hedo, but are not allowed to linger and gawk. Security guards assure their timely departure.  Cameras and other recording devices are an absolute no-no on the nude side for visitors and guests alike.  

Ample lounge chairs and many new umbrellas dot the beach

The Pools

The nude pool is the primary center of activity during the day. Entertainment coordinators are on hand leading games


The main pool adjacent to the dining area is a popular location for sun worshippers



A lovely peaceful area where a couple can cool off on their way to the dining room or beach


Recreational Activities 

Waterfront activities include the use of kayaks, sail boats and wind surfing equipment. The scuba diving facilities are the highlight of the aquatic activities.  Hedo offers complimentary scuba diving as well as scuba lessons.

Many guests take advantage of the free scuba trips for certified divers


 Guests can earn basic and advanced PADI licenses. There is a regulated fee for the PADI licenses, but classroom instruction and open water lessons are complimentary and we can personally attest to their quality as we became PADI certified at Hedo.

Clifton Ritchie Waterfront Manager


We spoke with Clifton Ritchie, who was our Scuba instructor and is now the Waterfront Director. He told us that he was continually upgrading and ordering new scuba equipment.   “Ritchie” as he is known to guests continues to be a favorite of scuba divers at the resort.

The resort has several tennis courts and provides free tennis lessons


Hedo has a fully equipped workout room and also offers basketball, shuffleboard and table tennis


Food and Drink

A quick glance at the board and you know what’s cooking

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets are located in the open air covered area that doubles as the showroom.  The selections have been upgraded and range from basic omelets to lobster tails

The staff is friendly and attentive



The menu changes slightly from day to day


Pastafari, is an indoor air conditioned Italian eatery with a Jamaican accent. Order from a menu that includes delicious pasta dinners, succulent lamb chops and beef dishes, and sinful desserts.

Photo Courtesy of Hedonism

Harrysan is an innovative Japanese Teppanyaki style restaurant where the cook's flair in preparation in front of you is part of the fun at tables for eight. Go with friends or meet new ones

In additional to the buffets, snacks and lunch are available at both pool grills. The menu includes Jamaican jerked chicken, hamburgers, grilled fish and Jamaican patties.  The buffet reopens at midnight for two hours providing burgers, hot dogs chicken, and salad.

Two snack bars with grills are on the beach

The grill at the nude pool now is now open from midnight until 4:00 AM.  You can enjoy freshly cooked made to order pizza as well as the standard grill items.  This innovation has proved very popular giving guests another spot to unwind and socialize.  Of course the bar adjacent to the grill and the pool remains open as well.

The bar at the nude pool is a favorite gathering spot

The resort has five bars stocked with premium beverages and staffed with friendly bartenders who know how to make a variety of specialty drinks


Entertainment is almost 24/7


During the day, the entertainment coordinators are everywhere. Drop by the nude pool on your first day and you might be in the running to win the worst tan competition. Have a few drinks from the bar which opens to both the beach and the folks in the pool and enter the best booty contest. There's a lot of jiggling and cheering during that competition. Jamaica Day features a Jamaican trivia contest usually won by repeaters who have heard the questions and answers on past trips. 

Some guests go all out for theme nights


Dinner music by Roots Explosion, the house band, is on the softer side, comparatively speaking. As dinner winds down, its time for some light-hearted fun. Often guests are brought on stage to compete for prizes based on the day's themes which include Hedonistic school girl, Jamaica night, and rock star night.

 Many don their unique attire for dinner while others wait til theme activities after dinner and the nightly show.  Participation ranges from 20% to more than 50%.  The Bare As You Dare Glow Pool Parties were added in 2014 and have been a big hit.  Toga Foam Parties are another new popular event.  

Talented staff members entertain the guests

Following dinner, it's showtime. The coordinators that you see around the pool and beach during the day may surprise you when you see them in a whole new light as super entertainers. 

Entertainment Manager Winston Bartley


The choreography, the dance numbers, and the staging are on a par with just about anything we've seen. And then they sing as well. The not so secret weapon is Entertainment Manger Winston Bartley who has received awards for excellence from Ministry of Tourism in Jamaica. The popular Roots Explosion band continues to back up the entertainers. In addition to the coordinators, local talent takes the stage on a fairly regular basis.

Dion and Stephanie make the piano bar the place to be at 10:30 pm

Following Showtime, most guests move on to the Piano Bar where the talented Dion revs the crowd along with the songstress Stephanie. The night may include some soft sultry numbers song by guests, a silly sing-along with racy lyrics to Ride Around Sally, or, on occasion, a first-timer seduced into climbing on the piano and removing some or all clothing items, an activity which will surely generate friendly conversation the next day. If you've been wondering how the resort's name, Hedonism II, is reflected in its activities, here is one example. 


When you are done singing, you can go to the disco which opens at 11:00 PM and stays open until 5:00 AM or until the last person leaves.

 Who goes to Hedo and why do they keep returning

We asked a multitude of repeat guests why they keep going back and their answers were all basically the same.”We return because of the other guests and the staff”. Burt and I have made many lifetime friends in the 35 years of vacationing at Hedonism II.

 For many, it is because Hedo is a “lifestyle-friendly” resort. No question about it.  Some visitors are hard core lifestyle swingers, some curious, and some are there to enjoy the sexually charged and permissive atmosphere.

 But “Hedo” is not all about lifestyle people.  Count us in that group  We come back for the laughter, for the fun, the friendships. We walk in and know that we will be seeing more than 100 friends that were there at the same time the year before.

Howard Harinstein


 We asked Howard Harinstein, a multi repeat visitor with 115 trips as of the end of 2014,  what keeps him returning.  “The friendship from people and the relaxation are important.  And it doesn’t take me three or four days to unwind.  I feel at home, like walking in my front door.”  His advice to first timers?  “Try everything. Don’t be afraid.  Swinging is not necessary.  There’s so much to do.”

Doc Kelly


Doc Kelley, a retired dentist with even more visits than Howard, has formed close relationships with many of the staff members over the years.  He points to the strong connection between returning guests and employees.

Speaking personally, we can attest to the warm feeling of arriving at the front desk and being greetied with not just your name, but welcoming hugs from staff who feel more like friends. Guests raise money for scholarships for staff children and have visited staff members in their homes.

Members of various groups receive little gift bags from their leaders as well as door signs

A lot of repeat guests belong to informal travel groups that arrive at specific times each year. As example, The Fluffernutters are from the US, Canada, and overseas and have for the most part met at Hedo and return at various preplanned times each year. Other groups include the Bubbly Bares who have been vacationing at Hedo for more than 30 years.  The PinPals arrive in early November and the Spanksgiving people spend Thanksgiving at the resort. Most any week includes a mix of groups and individuals.  Hedo groups tend to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

CEO Jon Gross

We asked Jon Gross the founder of the Fluffernutters’ group as well as the CEO of Hedo for his description of Hedonism II.  He nailed it when he said it is, “the most unique vacation on earth, one where people meet friends for life, where social interaction and parties that everyone is invited to make for the type of relaxation and recharging that a vacation should be.  A vacation place that many repeat guests feel is truly their home away from home, from their relationship with staff, to their renewing of friendships by returning each year at the same time.  The feeling of summer camp, the feeling of being a teenager again with the addition of being pampered and fed and premium beverages and fun entertainment – heaven on earth”.

And what will it be like in five years? Jon envisions, an updated, modernized resort addressing the resort trends of today while keeping the freedom and fun it has been famous for since it’s inception.”

Well, there it is. Hedonism II, an all inclusive Jamaican resort for almost all ages, with a sexually charged atmosphere, a combination of life-style and “vanilla” visitors who want to leave real life behind and have the best vacations of their lives. A resort that offers most everything you can find elsewhere, but with unique aspects that give you the opportunity to explore not just new experiences, but a new attitude.


Chris Santilli, author of The Naked Truth About Hedonism II coined the phrase "repeat offender" to designate return guests


For more information about Hedonism II, check out Chris Santilli’s "totally unauthorized naughty but nice guide to Jamaica's very adult resort," entitled  “The Naked Truth About Hedonism II, available at http://www.amazon.com/The-Naked-Truth-About-Hedonism/dp/0966268318Then visit Hedonism II or call 1-631-588-4336. 

NOTE:  Wondering where the guests and staff are?  The no photo rule is strictly enforced for the protection of the guests. Many of the photos were taken very very early in the morning.



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