Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Review – Great Art, Great Food, and Just Great

Delivering my husband and me to the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, the cab driver asked me why we were staying at the Four Seasons, which completely surprised me.  He kept saying there was nothing there - that we could be at a hotel that had more to offer, like a better view or something more interesting.  I thought to myself, it is only because this man has never stayed at a Four Seasons Hotel that he would think this way.  The Four Seasons Hotel Singapore is beautiful, has some of the best food I have experienced, and is user friendly.  As a guest, I felt cared for and renewed and I am thrilled for the opportunity to experience the wonderful offerings at this hotel.  And I am clearly not alone in my positive assessment, note:“October 10, 2013 – In an unequivocal affirmation of unparalleled standards of personalized service, readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine honoured the hotel as the “#1 Best Hotel in Singapore” in their annual Business Travel Poll.”


Approaching the hotel, which is located on a quiet, tree lined street, it was not obvious until I entered the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore that it is simply splendid. The 1,500 Asian and international art pieces that are displayed throughout the public areas and guest rooms make it feel like an art gallery.  No matter where I went my eye landed on a piece that was simply beautiful or something of unusual interest or something modern and energetic.


Upon checking in, my husband and I were ushered to a deluxe room on the eleventh floor, the Couples Floor.  This is a unique concept designed to offer couples the opportunity to have quiet comfortable time together.  Some of the special features of this floor include several complementary items such as fruit or other nibbles near the floor elevator, candies in the room, a  “101 Romantic ideas” suggestion box, a lovely jewelry box, and the opportunity for a late breakfast and more.  Couples massages can be arranged and there is even a couple’s counselor.

A colleague of my husband who is also a good friend who once worked with my husband at Northwestern University  has lived in Singapore for 40 years.  He lives near the Four Seasons and joined us for dinner the first night we were there.  We chose to eat at the Chinese restaurant Jiang‐Nan Chun.  It was wonderful to be together and the price fixed vegetarian menu was possibly the best vegetarian food any of us have experienced.  The ambiance was perfect, calming and beautiful.  Our friend was amazed at what a wonderful restaurant it is and also surprised that although he frequently passes the hotel he had never been inside before, but I expect he will be back since he was so impressed.  Our friend grew up in China so he was very interested in the unique dinner menu the chef created based on the classic story, “Journey to the West” because he knew the story well.  We saw the dramatic dishes that are included in this menu. (We did not order it because there are meat dishes, which we didn’t want at that time).  When I tried to learn more about the Journey to the West book, I saw that the story had been released as a movie in October, 2013.  The meal, a special book and menu are so creative and charming and so “Four Seasons”.


Facilities and amenities abound through out the hotel and only time prevented us from availing ourselves of more than we did, like the indoor tennis courts or the charming Shangra La like courtyard on the third floor.  In fact the third floor is a bit like the heart of the hotel.  The indoor tennis courts are there, the quiet patio with the waterfall is next to it and then a large bar that opens onto one of two pools, the other being on the roof.  One day our host sat by the poolside with my husband and me and, sheltered, we watched the rain falling in to the pool and were then offered an amazing complimentry guava drink.  It was a lovely moment.


Off to the side is a very complete workout facility, which I used late the night before we left.  Although the gym technically closes for a few hours it can be available to guests 24/7 by getting a key from the desk.  To the side of the workout room and up the stairs there are the spa treatment rooms, which use pure products from Australia.


There are all kinds of facilities for meetings large and small and for special occasions, especially weddings.  We saw evidence of three weddings in two days.


Our breakfast at the Four Seasons was memorable.  It was a buffet that filled the room differently than I have seen before.  As a gluten-free vegetarian, the first table filled with fresh healthy food, much of which was gluten-free, was a real treat.  The next table had meats and cheeses and a honey-comb, that appealed to my husband.

There was a complete area for breads and rolls with amazing jams.


Across the room was an area for hot food reflecting the four ethnic groups of Singapore, Chinese, Malayasian, English and Indian.  Behind the counter there were chefs preparing food that people requested.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted and Audrey Yee asked if she could help me.  She did by ordering vegetarian fried rice to be prepared for me.  It turned out that Audrey is the pastry chef.  Like other Four Seasons employees that we have spoken with elsewhere, Audrey was wonderful to talk with.  She was from Milwaukee, our neighbor and worked at the Four Seasons in San Francisco before coming to Singapore about four years ago.  Lien Tran, the bar manager, also helped us by ordering a special breakfast to be delivered to our room at 4:30 am so we could have food to take with us for our 7:00 am departure.


Our stay was so lovely we hated to leave and would happily return soon.  No wonder this hotel is rated “#1 Best Hotel in Singapore” by Conde Nast.  It certainly gets our vote.


Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

190 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248646

Four Seasons Website


Photos:  Leon and Barbara Keer


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