Food and travel: Enjoy your time in New Zealand

New Zealand is an amazing place, and we know that everyone wants to visit New Zealand at least once. However, if you have visited New Zealand in the past, you know that more than exploring new areas, it is the food that will keep you occupied. For those who do not have an idea about the Kiwi food varieties, you should check out the options below and consider eating them while visiting New Zealand.

1. Lamingtons

Lamingtons are sponge cake that is covered with chocolate on Raspberry and sprinkled with shaved coconut. Cut them in half and fill lamingtons with cream or jam to make it taste even better. You might even find it on the list of various catering supplies in New Zealand.

2. Afghans

With a Middle East origin, it is still a Kiwi original food item that tastes awesome. It is basically a chocolate cookie that is baked with corn flakes and coated with chocolate icing. In the end, a couple of walnut pieces are placed on the top.

3. Marmite

It is a standard item that is found in almost every New Zealand pantry. So, you’ll not have to work hard to find this amazing item that is a mixture of different spices and herbs. It can be spread on toast with a dash of butter to make it taste even better.

Marmite can even be combined with a chip sandwich if you want to enjoy a crispy sandwich.

4. Steamed pudding

Although it is one item that can be made at home even, New Zealand is a place where the perfect ingredients make it an ideal Christmas Cake even without the fruit. It is one of the most amazing cake options will find you and can be consumed by anyone and anytime.

5. Fried bread

If you’re in a hurry and you want something that can fill your tummy quickly, you should consider this amazing option. Fried bread is a treat that is popular within Maori circles, and you can have it with soup or stew. There are many other combinations that can be tried with fried bread. Come up with your own combination and let it not only fill your tummy but also make for an amazing combination that can be enjoyed back home even.

6.  Kiwi fruit

You might be enjoying the amazing taste of a Kiwi fruit in your home, but the Fort is associated with New Zealand and is available at an amazingly cheap price in the country.

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