Florence’s Palazzo Vecchietti Hotel Review – Luxurious Historic Paparazzi-Free Zone


One of the first places you will visit in Florence is the Piazza della Signoria, the political center of this historic city.  This is a square surrounded by larger than life sculptures, not least of which is the spiraling “Rape of the Sabine Women” (1574 – 82) from the famed sculpture Giambologna, one of the most important court sculptors of the Medici time.   His other works included a marble Venus of which a bronze copy is now seen in Museo Nazionale del Bargello, many political propaganda works commissioned by the Medicis, and sculptures for the Boboli Gardens, among many more.  



When he came to Florence, Giambologna found friendship and shelter in the house of Bernardo Vecchietti, an art collector for whom he painted his first works in Florence and who introduced him to the Medici court. 


Quake with a sense of history as you enter the doors of Palazzo Vecchietti, because you are walking past a façade created by the great Giambologna for his friend and patron, Bernardo Vecchietti, a descendant of a Florentine “first circle” family, meaning that the family was already in Florence when the city was closed by its first circle of walls. 



Giambologna’s architectural designs for Palazzo Vecchietti also include a first floor cloister overlooking a loggia decorated with 15th Century graffiti by Lippi and Andrea del Castagno



Look further in this amazing historic building and you will find architectural elements from the Middle Ages and even remains in the basement of two road surfaces from Roman and Byzantine times.



Were it not for the family of Palazzo Vecchietti General Manager Mrs. Alessandra Giusfredi, this amazing historic structure might still be standing, but would not be accessible as a piece of living history that stretches back to Roman times. 



Her family, hoteliers since her grandparents’ generation founded a hotel in 1928, bought this building in 2009 and after four years of painstaking renovation opened it with the original intention of creating many studio-sized apartments.   



Turning these studios into a hotel of sorts is what Palazzo Vecchietti became. 



With small kitchens in each room, a 24-hour concierge service, and a location just steps away from the carousel in Piazza della Repubblica, this historic hotel also offers luxury and convenience. 



Mrs. Giusfredi shares that the hotel has become a favorite place for high-profile politicians and film industry stars traveling with their families, but with the discretion so valued by such clientele, she does not share their names. 



After a long trip overseas, the ever-so-capable and relaxed staff of Palazzo Vecchietti are a balm for road weariness and jet lag. 



Throughout the halls and rooms you will find engaging drawings from the academic trials of art students of a hundred years ago mingling with the medieval and renaissance treasure of the décor. 



Like others, you can come for 3 months or one to three days, or something in between. 



Or, you can join one of the tours of this historic building that happen twice a month.  Bookings at the hotel can be done online via the Palazzo Vecchietti Hotel website



Advance booking is recommended but you may get lucky and find accommodation at the last minute.


Palazzo Vecchietti

Via degli Strozzi, 4

50123 Firenze (Florence), Italy


(39) 055 2302802


[email protected]





Photos:  Peter Kachergis, unless otherwise indicated 




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