Etruscan Coast’s Podere Vignanova Farm Hotel Review - Comfort With Warm Family Feel


The brilliantly designed and well-constructed kitchen-in-a-cabinet gives you a clue that Marco Moscato, a homebuilder in the Etruscan Coast area of Tuscany



and co-owner of Podere Vignanova, has poured his soul into making your stay at this hotel on his family’s olive, grape, fruit and vegetable farm very comfortable.   



The space feels much larger than it is because of how Marco’s cabinets help tuck things away like a Swiss Army Knife. 



You are actually in a small one-bedroom apartment with this fully functional kitchenette that allows you to do self-catering. 



Outside in your manicured cottage yard you have a private Jacuzzi and inviting lounge chairs.


There are several apartments like this, each very private.  Some have two bedrooms and some have one. 



Most of the people who stay at Podere Vignanova come for a week or several weeks and plant here.  Most are Europeans, perhaps reflecting both the logistical assets of the Etruscan Coast to Northern Europeans who can get to warmth with a half day’s road trip. 



You’re only four kilometers from the beach, where the family has another tent hotel, Podere Pianetti, geared for what they call “agriglamping”.   You’re near several vineyards that provide wine tastings and tours and archeological sites as well.



You don’t have to be European to find planting in Podere Vignanova attractive.  You’re on a restful farm.  The space is modern, up-to-date with all conveniences.



Tip:  Go to the hotel office to pick up some of the homemade foods from the farm. The orange marmalade is a standout. It combines a texture of baby food with tangy and somewhat more chewy strips of orange zest. 

If you are visiting from the end of May to the first week of October make sure to book your apartment way ahead of time. 

For more information see the Podere Vignanova website.


Podere Vignanova

Via Accattapane, 56/a

57022 Castagneto Carducci 

(+39) 366 5063867


Photos:  Peter Kachergis, unless otherwise indicated





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