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Program from Perth Fashion Festival featuring Steph Audino

Although Perth Designer Steph Audino is new to the fashion scene in Australia, she has already catered to the likes of Mel B ‘Scary Spice’ from the Spice girls, and Giuliana Rancic. A premiere designer featured in the Perth Fashion Festival (PFF2012) Steph Audino received a standing ovation – which isn’t common – after her designs hit the runway.

New to creating designs to carry in local shops in Perth, I am sure that it will not be long until this designer is carrying her creations all over the USA. The fashion translates well for the USA especially since it is always hot and more than half of Audino’s fabrics are sheer and light for something to the equivalent of Texas heat or in retrospect fabrics that can be layered for cooler weather. Her apparel is amazing for ready to wear and formal attire.

I had the chance to interview Steph Audino backstage at PFF2012 to see the designs before they hit the runway for her SS13 collection. The inspiration for the newest collection was based upon the ocean. I wanted to know where she usually pulled inspiration from each time she designs something completely new and where she plans on taking the label of Steph Audino next. Let me introduce you to Steph Audino the well spoken, well put together designer whose personality shines through her designs.

Steph Audino

Where do you envision yourself and your line in twenty years?

“I think I will still be based in Perth. This will always be home for me but I can see myself travelling so wherever it takes me I will be happy to go and explore the rest of the world. In 20 years time I see my label going international - with customers from all over the world. I also hope to have a few flagship stores by then.”

Where do you pull your inspiration from and what inspires you most?

I gather inspiration from everything. A big influence is music, feelings, culture and my surroundings. I love exploring places and seeing what makes up that place - whether it be color, music and or surroundings.”

What made you want to become a designer and how did you get into designing?

“I started making my clothes at the age of 16 and I just had a passion for it. It all felt very natural to me and I hadn’t felt that happy in my work so I completed my first year in town planning at my university and then ventured into fashion, which is where my heart is. I studied at Challenger Tafe in Fremantle, Western Australia.”

What was the moment you figured out that you would start or design your label?

“The moment I knew I was going to create my label was when I was making my own clothes and I was getting orders from random people in Perth. I thought why not do something I love for a living and share my passion and talent with the rest of the world.”

Steph Audino is based out of Perth in Inglewood on Beaufort Street. I had the chance to look at her upcoming designs, which are amazing, and available to view on

Perth Fashion Festival runway featuring Australian Designer Steph Audino

Steph Audino Runway

Steph Audino Runway at Perth Fashion Festival

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