China Airlines VIP Business Class Lounge Review

Air Travel can be daunting; long lines, delays, security checks. The hassle can sometimes outweigh the advantages and still if you’re looking for the fastest, safest and most efficient form of transportation flying is the way.

China Airlines VIP Business Class Lounge

On a recent trip to Indonesia good fortune smiled upon me as I headed to the Far East and was able to experience the hospitality and pampering of China Airlines VIP Business Class Lounge in both Los Angeles and Taipei.

China Airlines VIP Business Class Lounge offers all the comforts needed to relax while waiting for connections and departures

I thought that the China Airlines VIP Business Class Lounge in Taipei was even superior to the one in Los Angeles. Both offered special treats, geared to ease Air Travel frustration, calm, refresh and regenerate. Each lounge offers comfortable seating options with tables for dining, on one side, and the other more low light, in oversize sectional chairs, designed for privacy.

China Airlines VIP Business Class Lounge offers a large selection of traditional breakfast fare as well as top shelf beverage options

The dining area, designed in an upscale cafeteria style, offer a delicious fusion of American breakfast, dry cereals, fruits, coffee, teas, pastries, granola bars and snacks, including chips and cookies, as well as Chinese favorites including sweet buns, dumpling pork meat buns, pork, vegetarian buns, and dumpling pork. They actually also have an onsite chef, specializing in Chinese cuisine,  who prepares all the hot foods either beef noodles or noodles with pork broth or noodles with meat sauce or thick rice noodles with pork and soup or vegetable noodle soup. You can also order individual selections by just pushing a computer screen and the Chef will happily prepare it for you. Each half of the room in business class has the same selection options with the one chef at the end. Additionally, both lunges have a full bar section offering an assortment of alcohol, liquor and softer choices. With the main objective of China Airlines is to provide comfort to the business traveler, the staff and lounge is managed with the utmost professionalism, hospitality and service oriented team making not only the China Airlines VIP Business Class Lounge an experience and the precursor to an enjoyable, indulging, luxurious Asian visit.

As well as delicious incredibly delicious Asian cuisine

Both China Airlines VIP Business Class Lounges at LAX and Taipei provides modern, comfort stations. In LAX however, the bathrooms were closed as they are undergoing remodeling. In Taipei, the comfort stations even included showers which are really a great feature. Each Lounge contains cubicles for computer privacy, in the off chance the traveler has no laptop or just don’t want to use their own, they can use the internet stations, without cost, for any length of time. Additionally, each of the lounges includes the “quiet” section and a Television and noise permitted section. And if you’re looking to catch up on your reading or if you would like to read the headlines of the city of your destination both China Airlines VIP Business Class Lounges at LAX and Taipei offer the most popular magazines, newspapers and other reading materials from around the world.

Delicious dining options await for the weary traveler at China Airlines VIP Business Class Lounge

It was such a pleasurable experience, beyond my expectations. I was able to relax, unwind and complete business, answer emails with no interruptions in internet connectivity, enjoy incredibly delicious Asian cuisine, and enjoy a complete selection of top shelf and soft drink options. The hospitality and attentiveness of the Lounge attendants just made me feel incredibly special and it was greatly appreciated.

China Airlines VIP Business Class Lounge includes internet reading and Television lounges

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