Chicago Travel & Adventure Show Preview – First Stop for Global Wanderlust


Pauline Frommer wants to meet you…



And you probably would like to meet her so you can pick up her tips like the all inclusive (ALL! – airfare from USA, hotel, food, tours) week-long tours to China for only US$999, largely made possible because the Chinese government keeps the exchange rate low.



You’ll find Pauline Frommer, Editorial Director of the Frommer’s Guides and Publisher of at the upcoming Chicago Travel & Adventure Show on January 17 and 18 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.



Why does Pauline Frommer want to meet YOU? 



She says, “Either my father or I go to 8 travel shows each year.   They are a wonderful opportunity for the traveling public to realize there are real people behind the Frommer’s Guide books and that we are dedicated journalists—not just a content machine.  We are very opinionated and we are on the travelers’ side.  Our only client is our reader and we stay bold in our advice.  We tell you when airlines are trying to rip you off or when attractions aren’t worth your time.  Because we go to every hotel in an area we really can tell you which is better.  



''At events like the Chicago Travel & Adventure Show our readers can see our passion.  Most importantly, it’s wonderful to meet the readers because we are discovering questions that we should perhaps answer in our upcoming books.  Hearing what travelers have to say helps us create books that are more useful.”


Pauline Frommer is just one of the travel industry rock stars that will be making presentations and doing the rounds at the show.



Bestselling author of “Wild:  From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail”, Cheryl Strayed, will be talking about her 1,100-mile hike and book that is currently being adapted into a major motion picture starring Reese WitherspoonPatricia Schultz, best-selling author of “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”, the Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown, and Peter Greenberg, travel reporter, among others will be at the show sharing inspiring travel stories and tips. 


If your travel fun often begins with shopping for the must-have gadgets that will make your trip comfy, you’ll probably love the Chicago Travel & Adventure Show’s cornucopia of travel accessories ranging from neck props for naps to 22 hidden pocket vests and more.



If you want to take a break from shopping for your dream vacation there will be entertainment at the show’s Global Beats Stage, showcasing more than 20 performances through the weekend. 



The Taste of Travel Stage will be offering samples from live cooking demonstrations by top chefs.



This should be an exciting time, reflecting trends among US travelers to go out and see the world and now in far more adventurous ways than ever before.  Consider for example, that Pauline Frommer’s father, Arthur Frommer, is probably most responsible for first putting world travel on the radar of many middle class families in America.  His classic book, “Europe on Five Dollars a Day” was actually something he wrote from his experiences traveling as a GI when stationed in Europe during the Korean War.  At that time he found that his fellow soldiers were curious about his travels but somewhat afraid to venture out on their own.  Frommer saw his book as a much needed antidote to that fear of travel.



Update to today’s sensibilities and it’s clear we’ve come a long way.  Pauline Frommer comments, “We are now seeing adventure travel becoming much more mainstream.  More people are going to exotic destinations or doing things like canyoneering or bungee jumps. 



“The biggest trend now is away from hotels.  Air B&B now has more beds than all of the hotel chains combined.  Millions of people are skipping hotels and renting an apartment or rooms at the same cost as a hotel but also with access to a kitchen and often in real neighborhoods.  It’s not just Air B&B—there’s also VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) and the growth of the sharing economy in general.  Pirate dinner parties where people open their homes to strangers are another example.   Social media and the Internet is turning travel on its head!”



Especially if you are planning a family vacation you probably want to make hearing Pauline Frommer speak and trying to meet her a top goal for your visit to the show.  As you can see from her travel pictures with her husband (Mahlon Stewart) and two daughters (Veronica now 15, and Beatrix now 11), the whole world has been their oyster, as the saying goes.  Pauline shares, “I have a counterintuitive tip for many people who are terrified of traveling with babies.  New parents should definitely take that BIG trip before their child is two when you would need to begin paying their airfare.  Then, until your child is six or seven make sure you take trips where you want to go, until the children are able to do things separately.  For example you can go to Europe easily with a four-year old because you will find things that will fascinate them as much as any theme park.  You don’t need to budget for kiddie vacations until they are older… And for budget vacations you just can’t beat the national parks.  ”



Where to go this year?  There will be no shortage of tour and vacation purveyors at this show.  Make it the prelude stop on your next vacation.


Chicago Travel & Adventure Show

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

January 17 10 AM– 5 PM

January 18 11 AM – 4 PM


Free admission for children under the age of 16.


For discounted show tickets and more information visit the Travel Show website (







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