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Cabo San Lucas Timeshare – Punta Resorts the Seedy Side of Seedy Mexico

By Stephan Martin

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While the fear of a visit to Mexico might come from a fear of drug cartels and guns another fear is hidden behind a pen and a silver tongue. Much like Las Vegas is built upon gambling losses, Cabo San Lucas is mostly built upon the money that the two-bit salesmen and saleswomen pitch you relentlessly.

At first glance Cabo San Lucas and Cancun are simply stunning, filled with resorts that are as breathtaking as the view that they provide. But from the moment you get off the plane or stop on your cruise ship you are met with gifts of cash, maybe a couple hours on a jet ski or parasailing all in exchange for an hour and a half of your time. My advice keep walking, whatever you are going to get is not worth your time or what scam goes with it. The timeshare representative is well versed in lies and deceptions and they have one for every person.

To give you an example of one of the latest scams is to get you in the door with a promise of hundreds of dollars in cash and breakfast. The latest company name of many different faces comes from Punta Resorts who is enticing you with "The Residency Collection." Beautiful pictures of a soon to be built resort as you walk in the door and smooth talking salespeople who just want to be your friend and get your credit card. Punta Resorts and The Residency Collection go beyond trying to sell you a timeshare; they want to work with you as to benefit both of you. By buying your timeshare they can use that to entice more customers. The scam goes a little further with a company, I use the term loosely, Hampton Trust LLC out of Virginia. They will buy your timeshare for more than what they are selling you their vacation package for so you not only get a new vacation package that is "better" than a timeshare and has no maintenance fee and you get to pocket a few thousand dollars. As you mother told you, "If it sounds too good to be true it is." Not only will your timeshare not get purchased, all of the goodies you are forking out money for is basically worthless. The key to their scam is time, by the time you figure out they aren't buying your timeshare your money is long gone. No credit card company can help you and good luck suing a company that changes names like you change socks.

An old image, Punta Resorts is on the now second level

The number of companies involved seems to be endless. One unscrupulous company goes by the name of Platinum Marketing of America located in New Orleans, or so they say. There is no proof of this company other than a phone number that could go anywhere and while they admit to being associated with Punta Resorts, they can’t comment on what that means.

That might be the newest in timeshare rip-offs but let's get back to the original timeshare deal. Enticements abound to try and get you to sign on the line that is dotted. The smallest thing as giving you a kicker like a spa treatment can turn into drama. A timeshare salesman at Pueblo Bonito promised couples massage, wrote it in the contract and had a supposed manager come over and sign off on it. When it came time to claim the couples massage they refused to honor it and the sales manager berated the timeshare owners stating they would never do that despite it being written on the contract.

It truly takes a special type of sadist to sell timeshares. If you ever want to see an individual turn from your best friend to your worst enemy in a blink of an eye tell a timeshare salesman that you don't want to buy. First they will drop price by thousands of dollars, then thousands more, then their manager will come over and try to close you and if that doesn't work, one more drop. If that doesn't work on you, well they are not only no longer your best friend, but they are far from your friend at all. Feel fortunate if you get out of there with whatever they promised you and run far, far away. And if you got a ride there and didn't buy, prepare to pay for you own taxi back to wherever you came from.

Sadly Cabo San Lucas and Cancun really sell themselves. A little honesty and they would sell plenty and they would have happy customers. Instead you have a never-ending lineup of always changing and seedy salespeople. It is pretty obvious why the salespeople always change, either they are burned out from always lying or they get themselves in more trouble than the shady resort they are selling will even allow, which is pretty bad.

Even more pathetic than the salespeople, and I use that terms loosely, is the government agencies on both sides of the border. Trying to get a response is futile, so you can imagine trying to get any help is almost pointless. Clearly there is too much money to be made that everyone seems to turn a blind eye to what is right in front of their faces. With that being said, I will add that a barrage of letters, calls and emails might finally wake someone up, so keep trying if you have ever been taken in any similar sales presentation.

This is not to say you can't have a good experience with a timeshare, plenty of people do. But it is so hard to figure out which ones are really selling you what they promise and which ones only care that your credit card goes through, you have to ask is it worth it. Mexico does make for a beautiful vacation, but you do have to concern yourselves with not only safety as drug cartels and crime are everywhere whether it crosses your path or not and then you have to worry about the crime that comes with a smile.

If you have a timeshare nightmare and would like to share with me and possibly have your story included in an upcoming article, please email me at [email protected]

Published on Sep 02, 2015

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