Cabo da Roca Review – Sintra Chaser


It’s only when the winds start sweeping your hair up into a happy bird’s nest that you realize how welcome this antidote to Sintra tourism is. 



Sintra is one of those heavily touristed spots that somehow doesn’t offend as touristy while you are there.   



That said, a visit to wide open Cabo da Roca feels very freeing, and especially if you experience the art and décor collections of places like the Palace of Pena as a bit cluttered.



Cabo da Roca is the most Western point of the EuroAsian land mass.   Go there and click it off your bucket list.   


One of the the beaches just south


When you stand there and think this is the closest point to the new world, you are reminded of Portuguese explorers’ mark during the Age of Discoveries.



Americans take note:  Cabo da Roca, like many other oceanside cliff views in Europe and elsewhere, doesn’t have the walls and protections you are used to in litigious USA.   There is no danger of falling though if you don’t do crazy things. 



The winds whip, and you feel freedom.



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