Cabo Adventures Review - Creating Cabo Memories

Cabo San Lucas is home to beautiful beaches, stunning resorts, world-class golf courses, unforgettable fishing and nightlife that you might or might not remember! Those will all make for a vacation to remember but for that memory that will last forever you might want to fly through the air like Superman, ride a camel on the beach or swim with dolphins and for that you would turn your vacation over to the aptly named Cabo Adventures.

Superman Zipline

It is hard to say one Cabo Adventures excursion is definitely the one you should do while you are in Cabo San Lucas. There is one that provides you sixty seconds of exhilaration unlike any other and that takes place when you head out on the zip line tour. Cabo Adventures took the zip line experience to a new level by creating the longest and fastest zip line in all of Mexico. The finale of the zip line experience takes you on speeds of up to 60 miles per hour while going over 4,000 feet as you glide over the desert landscape.  If you have ever wanted to soar with the eagles, this as close as you are going to come and trust me it is pretty close.


Superman is just the finale; the zip line adventure is about a half day excursion that starts out slow and just seems to keep going and going. You start off with a few short zip lines just to get your feet wet and then things get amped up as you can stick with the typical zip line or choose to go with the upside down zip line. This sounds scarier than it is and you should definitely opt for the upside down version when it comes up. The Cabo Adventure staff helps you get in place and then they send you on your way upside down and you just enjoy the breathtaking view of the sun and clouds, it feels like your own piece of heaven.

Upside Down Zip Line

The zip lines continue but you are also in store for a rope bridge, a bridge with boards, rappelling and rock climbing. These all present their own challenges but you never have to worry as the Cabo Adventures staff is with you every step of the way and they are as good as it gets when it comes to safety and knowledge of every step along the way. Don’t worry if any of this sounds like it might be a little overwhelming there are shortcuts along the way to avoid anything that might be too grueling and the staff will make sure you have a great time no matter what you choose to do.

Rope Bridge

Zip Line

One of the true memorable experiences that you can enjoy in your lifetime is swimming with dolphins. Cabo Adventures has Dolphin Centers in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo and a number of different experiences to let you enjoy the brilliance and majesty of the dolphin.

Dolphin Time!

The Dolphin Swim experience allows you an amazing amount of interaction with the dolphins as Cabo Adventures makes sure to have the smallest group size available anywhere as you swim with the dolphins. You will be able to create a personal bond with your dolphin as you interact with them from the shallow-water platform, touching, feeding and playing with them as well as getting to go for a belly ride with your dolphin, allowing you to feel the amazing power of the dolphin. Everyone in the family will love this and talk about the experience for years to come.

You can also try the Dolphin Encounter, which allows you to learn all about the world of the Pacific Bottlenose from the dolphins themselves. Just for the little ones there is the Dolphin Kids experience that is designed specifically for ages 4 to 9.  

Finally if you have you always been envious of the people that get to work with dolphins every day, then the “Trainer for a Day” program is perfect for you. You get to spend the day working beside the Cabo Adventure dolphin trainers, which means you get to work beside the dolphins.

Now for something you probably never expected on a vacation to Mexico, a camel ride. You are going to have to look long and hard to find an experience like this. You are taken on a 20 minute ride across the white sands of the beach while taking in a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

The camel ride might be done, but your day isn’t as you head to a local ranch, where you'll get to try some traditional Mexican cuisine served with freshly made tortillas and salsa. Then will get a little lesson in Tequila as well as a tasting.

As amazing as all of these adventures sound, half of the experience itself is what the Cabo Adventures staff creates for you. Knowledgeable and fun, they will make sure you are always safe and will keep you smiling the entire day. You will remember the Cabo Adventures team as much as you remember the actual activities.

The only problem you will have on your next trip to Cabo San Lucas is trying to decide which adventure to go on. Just make sure your next visit to Cabo San Lucas is more than water, sun and lounge chair, leave yourself with a truly memorable moment from Cabo Adventures.

For more information visit Cabo Adventures.

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