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Gultstream V

Want to travel like 007 - James Bond?  Imagine only having to arrive 30 minutes before your flight, no line at security check-in, a private lounge and then your own roomy leather seat on board.  This is what flying private jets is all about, convenience, comfort, style and privacy.

When I was in California, working with San Jose Magazine, I was give the opportunity to fly in a 8 seat Lear35 jet, from San Jose to Los Angeles for a magazine assignment at the famous Grill on the Alley restaurant off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  When I contacted the private jet company for check-in time the polite attendant said, “if you could arrive around 30 minutes before your flight Mr. Herron that should be just fine.”  

I arrived at the secluded terminal and enjoyed a latte and croissant before walking out to the awaiting jet.  As I entered the cabin I was welcomed aboard by the pilot and co-pilot, both professionally attired in their uniforms. I buckled up, sat back, and taxied out to the runway for a very quick and smooth takeoff. How could I ever get on a commercial flight again?  This was my hour and 15 minutes of fame! 


MJets Lobby

The same is true of MJets. Their private terminal has all that is needed for ease of domestic and international travel.  Once checked in you are showned to this well-appointed private lounge to relax and be pampered by a most courteous staff prior to your flight. 


Mjets Lounge

Jetstream V Luxury Interior


For corporate executives, Ambassadors, movie stars and the elite.... this is the way they travel. They need the privacy, convenience, and security that a private charter can provide, and on board high-level business meetings can be maximized without interruption.


Presently I am working in Bangkok and had the fortunate opportunity to meet with the marketing people at MJets Charter Jet Service.  I told them I thought readers would be fascinated to have some insight into this exclusive jet-setter world and MJets as it expands in one of the fastest growing economical regions of the world. We arranged a time to meet at the private lounge and see their jets at Don Muang Airport in Bangkok. 


Mjets Hanger


Interview with Stuart Nombluez – Sales Executive at Mjets  


 Splash:  Stuart, can you give our readers a little background on MJets, who your customers are and where you service in Asia and Europe?

MJets was the corporate flight department for its shareholders, commencing operations in 2008. By 2013 we are providing an unprecedented set of services including aircraft charter, air ambulance, FBO & ground handling, aircraft maintenance, aircraft management and aircraft consultancy and sale. This makes us the sole one-stop-shop for private aviation in the Thailand.

Along the way we have set milestones of being the first and only private jet terminal/FBO in Thailand, being the largest private aviation ground handling service as well as having the largest fleet of private jets in the country and are expanding to neighboring Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam in the near future!

Our customers are the very affluent. Whether it is politicians, celebrities, CEO’s, professional athletes we’ve seen them all! Our flights are predominantly in South-East Asia, however we still have regular trips to the UAE, Australia, Africa and as far as Europe.


Splash: This must be an exciting job working in such an exclusive field, it must also be quite challenging with high profile clients?

It is indeed challenging, as with high profile clients there must be an equally high level of service. The expectations are also set very high in the luxury travel business and of course the demands must be met. But by facing these challenges naturally you learn a lot and quickly, at the same time making make some fantastic connections… And of course there is never a boring day at the work!


Splash: Southeast Asia has a fairly bright future and Thailand seems to be the gateway. It seems Mjets picked the right spot to start.  Can you tell us about plans to expand into Myanmar as that has tremendous growth potential and other future destinations?

Yes we are opening up another Fixed Based Operation there (what we have currently at Don Mueang), starting with our own Business Aviation Center or more simply put a Private Jet terminal. Like the one in Thailand this will be the first and only in Myanmar. It seems appropriate to do so, seeing as Myanmar is the emerging business and leisure destination. 


Splash: I see MJets also has medical flight service?

Medical Air Services

Yes we do. We provide 24/7 world-class air ambulance services throughout Asia, with partnership with some of the best hospitals in Thailand.

Medical Air Services

Typically we provide a complete bed-to-bed service with a medical team on board meaning we pick up you from your hospital bed in the foreign country and transfer you door to door to the very best hospitals in Bangkok benefiting from the excellent health care Bangkok has to offer.


Splash:  You are based out of Don Muaeng Airport which is was the main airport in Bangkok and now is second to Suvarnabhumi. What are there advantages to being here vs. Suvarnabhumi?

Being in Don Muang airport we have our own Private Jet Terminal, which is completely separate from the hustle and bustle of normal commercial airports. With our very own on-site customs and immigration, lounge, hangars and aircraft (just a few hundred meters away) it is simply the most convenient and private way to fly in Thailand. This just would not be possible at Suvarnabhumi airport. 

End of interview.


So if your stocks soar, sign a contract with MGM, or get appointed CEO of a major corporation and want to fly Southeast Asia with comfort, convenience, luxury and style - MJets is who you need to see. World-class service with the most professional, relaxed and courteous team one could ask for.  Perhaps I'll get my second 15 minutes, or more, of fame!

For additional information on MJets visit - MJets

Images - Mjets & Daniel Herron 

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