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Bumrungrad Hospital

Thailand has been voted many times #1 in the world for it's exceptional medical tourism. Many doctors are trained in western countries and are fluent in English. Bumrungrad International Hospital is recognized as one of the leading facilities in Southeast Asia. 

Spacious Lobby

Modern Facilities

It is the biggest private hospital in the region with 554 beds and 30 specialty centers, serving over a million patients every year, of which 40 percent are foreigners.  It has state-of-the-art integration of medical records, electronic environment, pharmacies, and labs.  

Professional Medical Staff

Bumrungrad has an American style of management with focus on technology.  According to one article on medical tourism, "Bumrungrad’s electronic medical record service impressed Microsoft so much they bought the whole operation." Choice of where to have a medical procedure is always vital!  Bumrungrad is JCI accredited, having the highest quality of services with trust and transparency. One of the primary reasons people travel abroad for procedures is of course the savings.  A facelift in the US would cost around $15,000.  In Thailand it ranges around $2500-3000 and the savings on major surgical procedures can be up to 80%. 


Professional Nurses

Joseh Woodman, who is a representative of Patient Beyond Borders and was a patient at Bumrungrad, made these key points about Bumrungrad in a recently published medical tourism article: 

  1. Healthcare. Bumrungrad has demonstrated some of the highest clinical success rates and lowest infection rates in the world.
  2. Patient service. Bumrungrad has the fastest response time in the business. Patient inquiries are typically answered in 24 hours or less.
  3. Facilities and technology. The hospital is ultra modern and beautiful and its technology is state of the art.
  4. Multiculturalism. Bumrungrad is a truly global service facility, with an infrastructure to match, attracting and successfully serving patients from 190 countries. 

Marble Temple Wat Suthat

Medical Tourism: brief history in Thailand.

Thailand’s King Bhumipol’s father, Prince Mahidol, made it his life’s work to modernize the healthcare system in Thailand. During his time, he convinced the Rockefeller Foundation to fund an American medical education for a group of Thai men and women, leading to the creation of one of the world’s best medical systems.

So with all this history, world-class treatment now available at amazing prices who wouldn’t want to travel to such an amazing country as Thailand.  There are many places in the world to choose from, but can they offer this as well................


Delicious Thai Cuisine

World-Class Shopping -Terminal 21

Terminal 21 Rome Level


Terminal 21 San Francisco Level

The Grand Palace

Dining on the river at Wat Arun

Tropical White Sand Kata Beach

For more information on Bumrungrad visit their site at - bumrungrad

Photography by Daniel Herron - Copyright 2014



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