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Bangkok Sights - Stunning Temple Suthat!

By Daniel Herron - Writer and Photographer

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Temple Suthat Chapel

One temple that should be on the must see list and surprisingly not more well known is Wat Suthat. The most popular temples visited in Bangkok are the Grand PalaceWat Pho and Wat Arun.  All splendid sites to see but Wat Suthat many say is the most impressive. 

Temple Suthat Chapel

Chinese Pagodas

Wat Suthat is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok featuring an exquisite chapel, elegant wall murals and beautiful handcarved teakwood door panels.  King Rama I began the temple in 1782. The temples main Buddha image is 25ft tall. The statue was brought to Bangkok on the river from Sukhothai, and earlier kingdom of Thailand, over 244 miles to the North.  This is one of the most beautiful Buddha’s in Bangkok.

13th Century Phra Buddha Shakyamuni


Courtyard Buddha's and handcrafted doors.

Surrounding the chapel is a courtyard with 156 Buddha images along an outer wall and four handcarved entry gates. The complex cover and area of 10 acres consisting of the temple and monastic living quarters. The wall paintings cover an area of 27,450sq. ft. and are surely some of the most extensive and important of their kind in Thailand.


Monks in prayer

The Giant Swing

The temple is located behind the Giant Swing, which stands 21.15 meters. The original being built in 1784 was replaced in 2004 with one build completely of golden teak by Thai master craftsmen.  In the earlier years after construction of the swing they would have ceremonies where men would swing up over 80 feet to grab a bag of coins placed on one of the pillars. Due to accidents the practice was banned. 

While in the area it might be interesting to walk around the and see the many shops that make the Buddha statues for the temples in and around Bangkok.  

Finishing new Buddha statue

Buddha Shops around Wat Suthat

Nagas serpent Buddha

Throughout all the temples in Bangkok and around the country, from past to present, the Thais have always been creative and maticulous in their detail of art and craftmanship. 


Photography and Feature by Daniel Herron Copyright 2013 

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Published on Jul 29, 2013

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