Bangkok's Popular Chatuchak Market Review - Possibly Largest, Craziest Market in the World


Thai silk gifts

If you visit Bangkok you should take a weekend day trip over to Chatuchak Market, probably the largest in the world with over 70 acres and 15.000 booths selling goods from all over Thailand. Silk products to pets, plants, antique’s…you name it!  They estimante around 200,000 visitors each day for the local prices, not tourist prices!

I said largest and craziest because you can expect to see and find almost anything here! 

cold fruit drinks from the rocket man

Thai's dressed indian style at a Western shop

live worms. for lunch?

silk products

buy a new puppy

tropical fish for the home

It can be an exciting day but be prepared.  Best way to get there is by taxi or easier via the BTS skytrain system to Mo Chit station.  


BTS Skytrain


From the station you can look down on the sprawling tin roof shops with a watchtower in the center. This is the place to meet when visiting and a good spot to rendezvous if you get separated in the masses.  And I do mean masses.  The center is only open on the weekends and it seems like all of Bangkok comes there for the bargains.  Ah yes, be prepared for a lot of walking, a lot of bumping shoulders and a lot of heat, especially if you get there after 11:00am.

The hours are 10am-5pm Saturday & Sunday. Bottled water is available everywhere and I recommend getting a coconut cut open from a vendor and drink the water.  Not only refreshing but also nourishing for replacing body fluids. Of course you can find cold and refreshing Chang and Singha, the local beers everywhere as well.

hand carved work works


hand made baskets


You can find Thai hand carved furniture, doors, old ship wheels, fountains, antiques, hand carved and painted flowers even a antique record players.  

vintage record player

All the walking can work up a good appetite so we decided to sit with the locals and enjoy some real authentic Thai food in the busiest, noisiest, bustling outdoor restaurant smack in the middle of the market.


open air restaurant

The food was quick to the table, cheap and delicious.  I had spicy Thai chicken with cashews and morning glory vegetables in oyster sauce.  My friend had traditional Thai noodle soup with pork. She's a local and said it was good.  The whole thing, drinks and all under $6.00 US.

spicy chicken with cashews

morning glory in oyster sauce


Chatuchak Park

Next to the market there is a expansive lush green park with picnic benches, cold drinks and food vendors and swan paddle boats on the ponds.   A quiet break from the market.  

After a visit to Chatuchak Market, the largest and craziest probably in the world, is when you should book a relaxing and inexpensive Thai foot massage. Well worth the $9.00 for and hour and there are thousands good shops all over the city.

All photography Daniel Herron – Copyright 2015.  


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