Bangkok’s Amari Watergate Hotel Review – Speaking the Universal Language of Comfort

Hotel entrance. Photo courtesy of Amari Watergate Bangkok


Look around the Executive Lounge at Bangkok’s Amari Watergate Hotel and you might think you are at a United Nations gathering. 


Cocktail Hour in the Executive Lounge


Women in saris sit near women in Hijab.  Europeans chatter away in German, French and English.   A group of men dressed in traditional shalwar kameez  sit on couches surrounding a coffee table.  Behind them a fashionable Thai woman in mini-skirt, lots of makeup and an up-do chats on her phone. 


Any visitor to Bangkok today can’t help but be struck by the diversity in the city—both residents and visitors— but you don’t need to go farther than the Amari Watergate lobby to enjoy this global mix.


Amari Watergate -- named for the neighborhood’s proximity to canals and water and which has no relation whatsoever to the famed Watergate Hotel in D.C. that is so remembered for its role in 1960’s politics—tells you something more about this global clientele in the world’s most visited city. 


As soon as you enter the lobby you feel the spaciousness of the interior decor. Photo courtesy of Amari Watergate Bangkok


All cultures seem to thrive in the Amari Watergate surrounds, which create a feeling of contented comfort. 


The lobby is soon to be remodeled


Yes, today’s lobby décor does remind that this 23-year old hotel was one of the first luxury brand high-rise hotels to come to Bangkok.  That look will change soon, as the lobby and its 4th floor complex of restaurants are soon to be renovated.  


Aerial view of the lobby


This visitor is probably not the only one that thinks it’s actually quite nice just as it is.  The earth tones coupled with black and white color schemes are soothing, as is the lighting.   There is a lot of space here, such that you can imagine that even if the full 1000 visitors came to fill the house you would still not feel crowded. 


There is an arcade of tailor shops on one floor of the hotel


There are many amenities that make it an attractive spot for tourists and business travelers alike:  location, location, location—as central to the many trendy fashion and commercial shopping centers that define the modern Bangkok as you can get and near the BTS public transport;


Squash court in the fitness center


The fitness center was fully refurbished a few years ago and has very up-to-date equipment for both strength training and aerobic workouts. Photo courtesy of Amari Watergate Bangkok


a fitness facility with all the workout machines that any new gym would have PLUS fitness classes and personal trainers PLUS squash courts for hire for a modest fee;


Looking out at the pool from the spa


a full-service spa called Breeze for scrubs, facials, massages and more;


Breeze Spa. Photo courtesy of Amari Watergate Bangkok


Breeze Spa lobby. Photo courtesy of Amari Watergate Bangkok


Thai restaurant


Chinese restaurant


On two nights a week the Italian restaurant has an all-you-can-eat buffet


several on-premise restaurants that let you mix it up between Middle Eastern, Chinese, Thai and Western menus; a few watering holes with Happy Hours; 


The pool has many private alcoves that guests were using to chat with one another while they cooled in the water


You see the cityscape as you swim in the pool


Poolside restaurant and bar


a pool and pool lounge area replete with its own bar/restaurant and with stunning views of the nearby skyscrapers;


The gardens on the 8th floor landing


an outdoor garden space with lounges;  very good WIFI and many office and meeting room facilities for businesses; and large conference rooms and ballrooms that enable the hotel to host a steady stream of conferences.   (While we visited, the World Health Organization was convening an Asian conference at Amari Watergate.)


The Executive Club rooms are a best bet. 


Part of breakfast buffet in Executive Lounge


Sushi, Italian meats, omelets, salad, cereal, bacon, steak, cheese, breads, muffins, more-- the Executive Club breakfast buffet is sumptuous


A highlight of the breakfast buffet for the entire hotel is that it has many different ethnic foods-- Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese, Thai, etc.


There are dozens of waitstaff at the breakfast buffet


There may have been more than a hundred people at the breakfast buffet, but the area is so spacious that you never feel crowded


For the same price you’d pay for a low to modestly-priced hotel in a major American city you get a choice of two breakfast buffets (one in the quieter 32nd Floor Executive Lounge and another more varied and more international one shared with other hotel guests on its 4th floor),


The Executive Lounge cocktail hour buffet is actually more than enough to make an evening meal. Photo courtesy of Amari Watergate Bangkok


an all-you-can-eat and drink cocktail hour from 5 – 7 PM every night, drinks and snacks throughout the day,


You get a wonderful view of the city's skyline from the floor to ceiling glass windows in the Executive Lounge


and access to the large lounge 24/7 with its spectacular views of the city and with many couches, desks with computers and printers, a meeting room,


Executive Lounge. Photo courtesy of Amari Watergate Bangkok


Executive Lounge. Photo courtesy of Amari Watergate Bangkok


and a terrace and other nooks in the Executive Lounge to help you carve out private space within its large expanse.


Corner suite. Photo courtesy of Amari Watergate Bangkok


Corner Suite Living Room. Photo courtesy of Amari Watergate Bangkok


If you go online to read the usual short reviews, you’ll find many references to the courteous and attentive service.  These plaudits are well-deserved.   Executive Club guests especially get constant attentions that start with quiet and calm check-ins while you relax in the Executive Lounge and continue throughout your stay. 


Executive room. Photo courtesy of Amari Watergate Bangkok


Executive Suite. Photo courtesy of Amari Watergate Bangkok


Always on the ready to pour you a glass of water or make you a pot of tea, the Executive Club staff seems to know instinctively how to anticipate your needs without ever crowding you.


This is the unusual hotel that can boast 80% occupancy year-round, even when Bangkok is in monsoon season.  A tip is to always book your room directly through the Amari Bangkok website as opposed to a place like Trip Advisor, Agoda or, as you’ll find the best rates on the hotel’s website. 


For more information visit the Amari Bangkok website.




Photos:  Peter Kachergis, unless otherwise indicated


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