Bangkok - Most Visited City In The World!


Wat Arun Temple - On The River Of Kings

Most would guess Paris, or London to be the most visited city in the world but this year, according to the recently released Global Destinations Cities Index by MasterCard, Bangkok is the winner!  The capital of Thailand, according to the Index, posted 18 percent growth rates in the past two years.

How has this happened?

Bangkok topped out London for the number one spot in 2013 for a number of reasons.   Bangkok has a rich and colorful culture, one of the most welcoming people on the planet, spectacular temples, spicy Thai food, but the main reason for the number one spot….shopping!

Siam Paragon Shopping Mall

Shopping at Asiatique The Riverfront

Designer Shops

Thai Silk

Thai Silk Souvenirs

Creative Mall Decor

Bangkok has some of the finest world-class shopping centers.  The spacious and chic designs attract visitors into the air-conditioned luxury malls where shoppers have a potpourri of fine restaurants, designer shops, books stores, you name it, it’s there to choose from.  Siam Paragon shopping mall is the worlds second-most photographed location on Instagram, follow only by Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport.

Suvanabhumi Airport

Air-connectivity:  Another one of the reasons for Bangkok’s increase in visitors is that tourism in Southeast Asia has surged among the region’s upper-middle class, according to the Atlantic. Bangkok is one of the cities with the fastest increase in air-travel connectivity.

Affordability - is another reason why Bangkok is so attractive, said Ms Alicia Seah, CTC Travel's senior vice-president of marketing and public relations, it also has both an urban landscape and nature.

Wat Suthat

The Grand Palace

I’ve been coming to Bangkok for over 19 years and the first impression that made this country so attractive was it’s people. Well know as “The Land of Smiles”  they are some of the most polite and friendly people you’ll ever meet.  Another great reason to come to Thailand are the lush tropical islands of the South! 


Kata Beach in The South

Thailand Sunset

For additional information on Thailand search TourismThailand

Photography & Feature by Daniel Herron - Copyright 2013


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