B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa - A Unique Urban Hotel

In 1867, Albert Hürlimann created a beer factory that a few years later became the biggest one in Switzerland, due to a ground-breaking refrigeration system known as the «Ice Machine», invented by German engineer Linde. After 130 years of production, the last beer is brewed on the Hürlimann site. Under pressure following liberalization of the market, Hürlimann AG merges with Feldschlösschen and operations in Zurich are discontinued shortly afterwards. In 1997, a design competition is held to find a new use for the former industrial site. Shortly after, the B2 is born. A Boutique + Bookmark hotel, that combines industrial charm with comfortable accommodation in a city centre location. 

While in Zurich I had the privilege to stay at B2 and experience what it had to offer. The Wine Library, forming the centerpiece to the hotel, and the distinctive service provided by the Guest Ambassadors create a novel and inviting hotel idea. The private Spa with the healing water at the basement of the building and the unique indoor-outdoor swimming pool on the terrace, offer a combination that no visitor can resist. B2 confirms its unique and intriguing identity of being an unusual city hotel. 


B2, means Boutique + Bookmark hotel. Hotels with a Bookmark are a group of select hotels with their own (hi)story. Bookmark hotels retain their independence and individuality, by sympathetically adopting a distinctive but unostentatious theme and telling a story. They are hotels that, like a good book, inspire guests and are remembered. Boutique hotels on the other hand, are small, local, authentic hotels and suites with a focus on unique design, individuality and on having an ethos of providing a tailored personal service. This is traditional hotel service with a strong focus on hospitality that leaves a lasting impression. 


B2 is not only a unique urban hotel but also one of the top destinations in Zurich for business guests, city tourists and architecture aficionados worldwide. While at the terrace swimming pool and later on, at the astounding library of 11 meters and 33,000 antiquarian books and tall chandeliers made of Hürlimann beer bottles, I had the chance to talk amazing artists from all over the world and even employees from Google that were visiting from the States, since the main office is located at the premises. All felt the same way as I did, awe and respect to the history of the building and the impeccable affection that this place was cherished and operates on. 

An absolutely amazing stay that I will cherish for a long time!



Website: www.b2boutiquehotels.com

Photography: Courtesy of B2 Hotel


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