Spetses Island Review - Traditional Greek Hospitality at it's Finest!




Only a short two hour ferry ride from Athens’s port city of Pireaus will take you to the Saronic Gulf treasure, Spetses.  The small Greek island is 27 km2 in size with a population of 4,000.





As you step off the ferry at Dapia port you will find yourself in the town center surrounded by many cafes, stylish boutiques and whitewashed houses.  The natural beauty of Spetses combines the greenery of many pine trees and hidden beaches. As you explore the island walking along the cobblestoned roads; the warm refreshing air kisses you with the scent of the sea. 



One of the first things you will observe is that there are no cars on the island.  Cars are not allowed in Spetses, therefore people get around on mopeds, bicycles or carriages.  Tourists are delighted to travel by the horse-drawn carriages, which only add to the traditional feeling of the island.




Horse Carriages


Among the charms of Spetses are the secluded beaches, pine-clad hills and ancient churches. Some of the beaches are within walking distance of Dapia, like the town beach of Agios Mamas and further down Kaiki beach, but it is well worth taking a water taxi or renting a moped to really discover the island completely.


Agios Mamas


 A half an hour water taxi ride can take you along the coast of Spetses to the only sandy beach, Agios Agrianoi. This is a more isolated beach where there is only a small tavern with traditional homemade meals.


Agios Agrianoi Beach


The fairytale setting of Spetses has sparked romance between many couples. It is not uncommon to hear stories of people coming to Spetses falling in love with a mate or the island itself and never leaving! Spetses also serves as the perfect backdrop for many summer weddings.  You can expect to see a blushing bride or two on the island during the peak summer season.




It’s hard to imagine that such a quaint and picturesque place was a warzone in the past.  Spetses is the island of Bouboulina, heroine of the Greek War of Independence, who victoriously led an attack against the Ottoman fleet. To this day, cannons that were used during the time of the battle are still stationed along the seawall.


Cannons used during Greek War of Independence


Curiously, Spetses is one of the least explored island by visitors despite its undeniable romantic beauty and proximity to Athens.  Although overlooked by some, the island has not gone unnoticed by Greek royalty and celebrities who wish to avoid the city heat during the summer by retreating to their villas. Simple yet cosmopolitan, Spetses island has been chosen as a vacation spot for Jackie Onassis and Errol Flynn


Spetses Island




Athina Apartments Accomodation


Athina Apartments Veranda


Whether you are looking for a quiet haven to rest in solitude, a cozy apartment for a romantic escapade or a fully equipped suite to accommodate a family, Athina Apartments is the answer. Athina Apartments is a family-run business that is comfortable, affordable and convenient, centrally located in the town of Spetses a few steps away from Agios Mamas beach Athina Apartments is traditional Greek hospitality at its finest!      


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Agios Mamas · 18050 Spetses · Greece

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