Agreco Farm Review - The Cretan Way of Living

While in Crete, I had the opportunity to view and experience the Ancient Cretan way of living at this unique place called Agreco Farm. Agreco Farm is located just at the outskirts of Rethymno, on a hill full of vegetation and beautiful smells.


Shaped by hand, every stone at this Farm preserves the delicate balance between man and nature. The Farm and its buildings stand in perfect harmony with the landscape. It was built many, many years ago and it could support the whole family that lived there. Up until today, the Olive Press, the Watermill, the Wood-burning Oven, the Wine Cellar & the Church are preserved. Some of them, are still at use. Workshops, a Store that carries local handcrafted products and Guesthouses have been added lately.

Crete is blessed with a climate that intensifies flavors in fruits and vegetables grown on the island. Warm winds from the Sahara and cool conditions in the mountains nurture a dizzying variety of crops, with each season bringing something new. Therefore, Agreco Farm produces different goods, according to the climate. In the estate, we can touch and smell Aromatic Herbs, Vegetable, Fruit, Olive Trees, Vines, Wheat Flour. In the little zoo that is nurtured there, we can see Deers, wild goats (Kri Kri), rabbits, quail, partridges, guinea fowl, pigeons, wild boar, peacocks, ostriches, donkeys, chickens, turkey, bantam chickens, dwarf goats, sheep, cows, bees and silk worms.


Our host, took us through the whole Farm. We pilled artichokes, dipped them in lemons and ate them, cuddled with some newborn ship, and gave a haircut to their parents so that they did not get that hot from the heat. We also made our own “Rizogalo”, a rice pudding that came from the goats we milked, cut some olives and had a look at the estates' private wine cellar.  Afterwards, we had a rest at the patio and took our lunch at the Taverna. Everything was delicious. Products that came from the farm, like cheese, milk, eggs, meat, honey was all that we needed after our morning activities.


It is true that I always buy little local products from every place I visit, and this time was no different. At the Agreco Farm shop, I had the chance to take home some raki, pickles, thyme honey, jams and tea remedies. A selection of other organic products from smallholders in other regions of Crete and Greece supplement the range of aromatherapy oils, infusions, natural beauty products and ouzo, as well.   


Agreco Farm is an excellent place for memorable weddings and eager-learning kids so that they can have fun and at the same time appreciate and respect what mother earth has to offer to us. All in all, if you want to experience what Agricultural Tourism is all about, you just have to visit this Cretan Farm!


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