A Quick Review of Hobbiton – The Magical Place That Exists in Real

If you are a fan of the Hobbit and the lord of the Rings trilogy, and if you are going to New Zealand, you will not be able to restrict yourself from paying a visit to Matamata, which is the place where the Hobbiton movie set exists. Located at a 2 hours drive from Auckland, you can easily do the Lord of the Rings tour by squeezing out a day from your tour itinerary.


If you go for the general tour, you would be getting a shuttle bus from a set departing point in Matamata. If you are going for a private tour, you can straightway drive to the Hobbiton, get your tickets and enjoy the Hobbit holes, the Mill, the Green Dragon Inn and other structures that were used in the filming the Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy.


The journey through the shire

During the guided tour, you would need to walk quite a little as the place is larger than what you might have thought it to be like. The tour guide who would accompany you during the tour would explain about the making of the sets, the various details that were taken into consideration while designing the shire, various funny facts about the filming and so on. With more than 40 hobbit holes scattered throughout the area and the lush green pastures, this sure is going to be a magical tour which will be etched in your memories forever.


Once you come to an end of the Lord of the Rings tour, you would find yourself in front of the Green Dragon Inn, which is the local pub there. You can quickly give yourself a treat of the locally brewed ginger beer, beer or cider which is brewed exclusively for Hobbiton. The private tour of the Hobbiton movie set takes about a couple of hours to get over, whereas the evening banquet tour would take approximately 4 hours.


If you are planning your trip on a Wednesday or a Sunday, it is wise to plan the trip during the second half of the day, as that would let you experience and enjoy the sunset at this magical place. You can also enjoy the evening banquet tour which includes a sumptuous banquet feast the Green Dragon dining room where the tables would be heaped with food that would remind you of the movie trilogy yet again. Once the dinner is over, the guide will escort you back through the dreamy paths of the Shire. To add to the LOTR effect, you would be using a handheld lantern which will show your light on your way back.


Some important tips

You may be the biggest LOTR fan, but sadly that does not ensure that you would get an entry to the set. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy the tour to the fullest:

  • Although there are many tours during the day, but the tours get booked up quite fast. To ensure that you do not miss out on visiting the Hobbiton movie set, you should be making your reservations well before.
  • Wear shoes that would support the extensive walking.

  • Take an extra set of camera batteries or fully charge your camera. You would find it difficult to restrain yourself from taking hundreds of snaps of this magical place.

  • If you are not a big LOTR fan, take the time to watch the movies before you go to Matamata. That will make the trip even more enjoyable.

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