Velib - Bike Freedom in Paris

I love walking around Paris. I prefer it to buses and the Metro.  But sometimes you have to get from point A to point B and whether it’s too far, or you are too tired, or simply pressed for time, you can’t walk.  Used to be you had to grab a taxi, decipher the tangled bus route system, or descend  to the bowels of the Metro.  As of last July, you have another choice. Consider taking a bike.  Paris has a cheap and easy bike rental system that lets you ride everywhere in Paris so long as you make your rides in half-hour jumps.

The system is called Velib - a mash-up of the French words for bike and freedom.  You pay a euro for a day with a credit card. (The credit card is necessary for the hefty deposit that guarantees you will not ride off with your bike.)   There are automated kiosks by the bike stands that  can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The rental locations are are about 300 yards apart all over the city.  There are almost 1500 self-service stands with a whopping 20,000+ bikes in service.  

You go up to a kiosk, log in, take your bike, ride to another stand near your destination and deposit the bike. If the trip takes less than 30 minutes you pay no additional fee. You can do it all day long.  

Details on how Velib works here

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