Travel Paris - Game of Life - Postcard 44

My world has hit the fork in the road. Do I go left or do I go right? I woke this morning knowing I had to check out of my hotel and was originally going to go to London but I knew I had to stay in Paris longer. I searched the internet for hours for a new hotel to move too, but everything was booked. The cheapest room open was five hundred a night. The front desk called me to see if I wanted to extend my check out time so I changed it from noon to two. I asked how much it would be to stay there for a few more days. The cost was out of my price range and they informed me that I would only be able to stay until the May 16. On May 16, there is the big soccer championship in Paris, which was why all the hotels were full! I changed my search to leave Paris on the 16th instead of the 17th and was able to find a hotel. I booked it online, packed my things and was off!

Pulling up to Hotel France Albion, I noticed how cute the area was. It seemed more residential than touristy, which I thought would be a nice change.  The woman behind the counter just moved here from Russia and spoke very good English. She was very sweet and informative to my many questions about the area. I went up to my room on the top floor and looked out my windows to a view overlooking the roof tops.


After I unpacked I took out my Starbucks map and located the closest one to my hotel. In a matter of minutes I was out in the streets exploring the new area. All the store fronts were closed and only a handful of cafes were open. I saw a few businesses' that locate apartments for rent; they were all closed but had posted listings on the windows. I began to search through them to get a general price point for how much it would be to live here. They all seemed extremely expensive! I continued on till I found Starbucks, I ordered my large coffee and sat outside at a table. I sat there for awhile starring off into the over cast sky, thinking and trying to make sense of the thoughts in my head. Could I really leave Paris on May 16? Could I really leave Mr. Paris? The only answer in my mind was 'No!' I knew in my heart that I had always lived my life open to new possibilities and being open to all that, that might encompass. I have always tried to live so that I would never look back at my life with regrets. I knew that if I left Paris now, I would regret it forever!


Returning to my hotel, I asked the woman behind the counter if she knew how much the average rent was for an apartment. Her eyes got big and she became very excited that I was thinking to stay here. She pulled out a map and proceeded to explain the expensive and inexpensive areas as well as areas that were safe and unsafe. The last place she came to was where she lived. She said that for a one bedroom apartment with a separate living room and kitchen it would be around five hundred euros a month. I looked at her and said, 'Are you sure?' She said, 'Yes Paris is expensive!' I quickly did the conversion in my head and realized that it would only be around seven hundred and fifty American dollars a month to have an apartment here. She told me that finding one is not hard, but getting one is because you have to have papers explaining why your here. For example that you are a student or you have a work contract to be here. She told me the process is hard and complicated and that if I was rich I could just pay a lot of money and move in no problem! I laughed and told her I don't fall into that category so she told me where I needed to go to get all the information to fill out the papers. I returned to my room and sat on my bed, trying to wrap my head around the possibility of making Paris my second home! I decided my thoughts were too much and I needed to do my thinking under the open sky at the park I passed early.


When I got to the park I found a concrete wall tucked underneath some trees overlooking the area where the kids were playing. I decided this was a perfect spot because I wouldn't be bothered! I pulled out my pen and paper and began trying to make sense of all that was in my head. This is what I wrote'

 My King of Hearts
"True love can happen with one simple look!"
So this is what they say,
And from the soft brown eyes of Mr. Paris - that is all it took,
This angel now flying close by my side,
I wish to be my "happily-ever-after"
And to me - my heart has never lied,
Hard times would come - like they always do,
But hard by his side,
Somehow seems it would be easier to do,
I fell in love with life again - I found a smile from inside,
Longed for nothing - Content with all,
My quest for answers seemed satisfied,
But just when I thought I had it figured out,
The game of life dealt me a new hand,
A king of hearts - now destiny's route,
 Pose new questions in my hour glass of time,
Leaving me to ponder what I should do next,
I smile knowing the answer is always in the rhyme,
Would you change a life you're accustom to for love?
Would you start over completely?
And put your faith in a blessing from above?
In a city you don't know - with people you don't understand,
Would you dare yourself to find a new beginning?
To never let go of the King in your hand?

I knew that I had already changed my plane ticket once so that I could return home on May 17 instead of May 29. I didn't have the means to make the change again as it was almost the price of a ticket to change the first time. I wished I had never changed when I was sick in Bologna, but I knew that if I hadn't changed it I wouldn't be in Paris yet, having met the man every woman dreams about! I began sifting through my options on ways to stay. If I enrolled in a semester of French lessons would that be enough to get my student card and rent an apartment with legal papers? Could I do something with my business here that could legalize me staying?

Returning once again to my hotel, I sent everyone back in the states an email telling them that I might stay but that I needed to figure out a way. My editor responded immediately letting me know that he was going to launch Splash Magazine in Paris and offered me a possible position as the editor of the Paris edition, so that I could be under contract and have reason to stay! I couldn't believe how fast the questions and concerns in my mind were being cleared up.

Mr. Paris called a few times to let me know that they won their game and he was MVP. They were now going to the finals. I could hear his team mates shouting a victory chant in the back ground. I wanted to tell him about the news of me possibly staying, but decided I would wait and do it in person!


Mr. Paris showed up at my hotel, wearing a suit with a hurt hand and a black eye! I being a woman, of course wrapped his hand up with a bag of ice and tape as we sat on the bed and he told me of his game! He was so excited about the win because they were said to be the underdogs. Then he asked why I had been so excited on the phone all day, I just smiled. I was hoping to go about bringing it up in a different way, but felt like a little kid with a secret to tell and just blurted it out. 'I was offered a job in Paris!' His eyes got big with a smile to match and he began asking questions.  I was so excited about my new possibilities and to be able to stay and get to know Mr. Paris better, but as I listened to myself speak out loud, I began to withdrawal. If I have learned one thing about the differences between men and woman it is this' A man can tell you he really wants something and when you give it to him; his reaction can make you think that he never really wanted it. Where if a woman says she wants something and a man gives it to her, her reaction is grateful and excited. I knew that my making us a reality might freak him out. So I reverted from doing all the talking and allowed him to do most of it. We both had a lot of questions for each other and a lot of 'What if's' ' 

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