Travel Geneva - Game of Life - Postcard 39

Today I walked the streets looking for breakfast because I over slept the continental breakfast at my hotel by four minutes. The sky was grey and it smelled of rain as if the heavens were waiting for the perfect time to open up and drown the city. I noticed that cars parked along the streets, parked in whatever direction they wanted too.


After the flash on my camera went off the thunder blew its horn and the rain began to fall. I had to think quickly of where I would eat, so I wouldn't get soaked. It was then I found myself appreciating the porticoes in Bologna, as more than just a nice architectural edition. I remembered the McDonalds; I had seen the day before by my hotel and decided it would have to do. My meal came out to 12.70 and one pack of ketchup was twenty cents extra.


Between the rain and the relentlessly disrespectful men under the occasional awning, I was tired of being in the city and returned to my room. Flipping through the channels on the hotel's twelve inch television, I realized I had a British channel. I ate and relaxed in front of the television until I heard a ding from my computer. I leaned off the bed to see what it was and found an email from Tay. Tay was a friend from the states. In the email he said he was playing ball for the season in a city outside of Paris. I found him on IM and we caught up for awhile. He asked how my trip was going and what I thought of Geneva. After telling him about my time in the city thus far, he invited me to Boulazac. Boulazac is a few hours outside of Paris by train. I thought getting out of Geneva was a great idea and said I would be there tomorrow night. I went down stairs and asked reception the easiest way to get to the train station. He said,'Go out of the hotel make a left, then another left and it's a hundred feet away!' I was shocked and said, 'No the main station!' He said, 'That is the main station!' I double checked the name of it and it was Cornovia, the same one I arrived at two days before. I told him I took a cab when I arrived because I didn't know where the hotel was and the total was eighteen dollars. His eyes got big and in his thick Middle Eastern accent he said, 'No good, the driver ripped you off!' I was livid; it was the first time on my whole trip I had been ripped off!

I left the hotel and sure enough not even five minutes away was Cornovia. The man behind the ticket counter said the shortest route from Geneva to Boulazac was ten and half hours. I booked the ticket and preceded to the leave the station until I got to the doors. Outside the rain poured from the skies and the wind blew blankets of rain towards the open doors. All of those without umbrella's looked at each other courageously and decided we would simultaneously run to our separate destinations.


I returned to my room completely soaked, opened the windows and laid on the bed listening to a mix of the rain and Patty Griffith from my laptop. I was excited about going to see Tay. I thought how nice it would be for a change to be greeted by a familiar face getting off the train. Getting to cook and eat real food, which I haven't done in over a month! But most importantly how nice it would be to have good company, fun times and a lot of smiles; all in a part of France I never would have gone too!


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