Travel Cannes - Game of Life - Postcard 20

I took a walk through the streets that surrounded the shops. I noticed a store that was crowded with young people. I turned around and went inside to ask if any of them spoke English. They all answered yes quickly, but as I continued to talk, only one of them actually understood me. I asked what there was to do in the evening. He told me of a place to eat called Tantra.   He also said that people go to Le Loft to get drinks, and from there, depending on what you like, you can go to Milk. He said Milk was far away, but a good place to dance. I asked him to write down the names of the places for me. He told me they were all going, and gave me his number. He said to call him at 9 o'clock if I wanted to go.

I called at 9 o'clock and spoke to him briefly, barely understanding what kind of agreement we had made. I thought he said to call him back at ten o'clock and he would tell me where to meet them.  At ten o'clock, I had the concierge at my hotel call him, so that I could make sure I knew where to go. Faely didn't answer.  I decided I would look up the restaurant and check it out. I was surprised to find it was only a five-minute walk from my hotel. I arrived around eleven o'clock and walked up to the host. I asked him if this was Le Loft because the sign on the door read Tantra. He said they were one in the same and opened the door for me. I sat down at the bar and ordered a drink.

Tantra Bar

For the first time on my trip, I felt incredibly defeated. I felt lonely and in question of why I had not met more people to hang out with along the way.  I was disappointed that I could not get in touch with Faely. I looked around and saw everyone laughing with their' friends.  I imagined that they were talking about what they had done that day or what had happened last week. I realized that once again, I was allowing my happiness to be dictated by the actions of others. I thought how inhumane it was to think that way.  Is it not healthy to interact with others? And knowing the answer was 'Of course!' I decided that it was okay to feel the way I did.  The important thing was to defeat that feeling, by making choices that would allow me to find a smile behind my eyes.

I left Tantra / Le Loft and walked outside. As I was walking away, I turned back and asked if anyone spoke English. The guy at the door did, so I asked how far Milk was.  He told me it was a twenty-minute car ride. I stood there for a minute in contemplation.  He told me that his friend was going there tonight if I wanted a ride. I asked who his friend was and he introduced me to Mamadou. Mamadou was a Taye Diggs look-a-like with a beautiful smile and dimples to boot. I began a conversation with Mamadou and realized that he barely spoke English. The guy at the door told me that their other friends were all going as well. If I wanted to go, I had to wait about an hour and half for them to get there. I looked at the guy like he was crazy! A man walked out of the bar next to us, and introduced himself as George. George owned Zarming, and told me he could keep me entertained for an hour. He took me inside and showed me around. He got me a drink, and we sat down at a table and began to talk business. He did fabrication for huge companies in the states. He told me of a few deals he just landed and showed me the business card for his representation in the states. Coincidently, this person is less than ten minutes away from me in California. We exchanged business information, and just like that, an hour had passed.

We went back outside to meet up with the rest of the party and we were off to Milk. Only one person in the group spoke fluent English, so he translated for all of us. Upon arrival at the club, there was a huge crowd of people out front. It reminded me of a picture of club-goers in line at Studio 54, sans the costumes. We walked up and I saw Faely in the crowd.  He did not see me, but was apparently trying to get in.  Mamadou shouted at the bouncer from the back of the crowd. The bouncer smiled, and cleared an opening as Mamadou motioned for me to go first. I walked up to the bouncer who greeted me with a kiss on both cheeks and escorted me inside. The rest of the gang followed. I noticed the ceilings were very low and the club was lighted in turquoise and pinks.   It looked like a club in Miami.

We walked through the crowd of people and made our way up to the velvet ropes. They were opened so we could step down into VIP. I liked how the VIP area was set up in this club. It was in the center of the room and sunken into the floor, so that we looked up at everyone.  You could dance on the floor or get up and dance around your table. The evening was a mix of hip-hop and techno music. The group I went with was very sweet. As soon as I walked up to the table, I was handed a glass of champagne. The bar served the champagne with sparklers, so every one knew when a table had purchased a bottle. I was astounded, that every half hour, we would receive another four bottles of champagne!  I asked Mamadou whose table it was.  He told me we were sitting at the table of Tantra's owner.

Club Milk

The music was loud and people were screaming and dancing. Sparklers were constantly burning, and the table next to us kept soaking the crowd with their champagne.  It was crazy! A huge fight broke out in club. The group I was with pulled me behind their table. I thought it was very sweet that they were so protective of us girls, but it was funny at the same time because the fight was on the other side of the club! This happened about three times throughout the night. They kept apologizing to me, saying that this never happened at this club. We hung out awhile longer, but eventually it was time to go. They drove me back to my hotel, and when we arrived I looked at the clock.  It was almost five in the morning!


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