Poland and Back: A Trip on LOT Airlines

My husband was an invited speaker at the 21st International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, ICTAM 2004 in Warsaw, Poland.  This event only occurs every four years, so we were going to Warsaw.   Choosing the way to get there was next.  LOT Airlines had a direct flight: Chicago-Warsaw in nine hours.  Since LOT Airlines partners with United Airlines as part of the Star Alliance program, travel on LOT became the most appealing. 

In talking with two friends who each traveled on LOT Airlines recently, I received conflicting reports - one thought it was just great and the other one disagreed.  I was very eager to find out for myself just what this airline offered.

I am very pleased to report that both my husband and I found the flight to be great!  First, the baggage line was handled efficiently and politely.  Everyone at the counter spoke English well, and they were all pleasant and helpful. 

Once onboard, we noticed that the seats were comparatively roomy; even those in economy class had more room than we expected, while business class was very comfortable.  We had two flight attendants who were sensitive to all the passengers' needs and bustled around quietly and efficiently.   Magda Grzedzielska and Magda Wysokinska were our flight attendants.  They both spoke English fluently and did some difficult problem-solving during the flight.

We were served very delicious food for dinner, close to restaurant quality, or at least my salmon and broccoli was.  Other choices included beef tenderloin and pork teriyaki.  The breakfast tray of various cold cuts and yoghurt with fruits was also very good.  Extra coffee and tea were offered generously.

I was very impressed by the manner in which the male attendants served a passenger with special needs.  Once again, they were sensitive and efficient.

I liked the airline magazine, Kaleidoscope, because it was well written and had helpful information about Poland and what to see and do in the various cities of Kracow, Warsaw, Gadansk, and so on.


Should our travels take us to Poland in the future, I would be delighted to fly with LOT Airlines again and would strongly recommend this airline to anyone heading for Poland.

For more information, go to: www.lot.com

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