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Mumbles: Village by the Sea

By Arin Vahanian

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It is a cool, crisp morning, and the mist slowly gives way to the gently rising sun. A vast ocean stretches out as far as the eye can see, and a glimmer of sunshine peeks through the large clouds moving away from the bay.

A man is jogging on the shore, his dog happily splashing about in the water. A couple is walking together on the street just above the beach. The green hills and quaint cottages loom over the bay, and a slight touch of rain can be felt on the skin.

At high tide, the water rises above the sand and almost makes its way to the street. But for now, there is plenty of space on the beach to take a romantic walk and be marveled by the beauty of Mumbles, a small fishing village in Swansea, Wales.

An Enchanting Village

Mumbles attracts visitors of all kinds. Couples yearn for the romantic locations of Mumbles and the many outdoor activities, such as sailing and fishing. Scholars are interested in the culture and history of this village. International tourists can't get enough of the hospitality of the Welsh people and the fabulous Oystermouth Castle. And visitors from the UK can enjoy all the wonders of Britain for much less than it costs elsewhere in the country.

Although Mumbles offers many activities for the visitor, it is a wonderful destination for a romantic getaway.

The Wonders of the Gower

The Gower Peninsula, which stretches approximately 14 miles from Mumbles to Worms Head in the west, is one of the most outstanding examples of natural beauty in Wales and in the entire United Kingdom. You can take a romantic walk on the sand along beautiful, unspoiled beaches, and admire the many sand dunes and cliffs which are unique to the peninsula.

The Gower is especially lovely in Mumbles, because it's relatively free of mass tourism, is exceptionally clean, and the small cottages surrounding the beach are very charming and set a nice backdrop for a romantic getaway.

Oystermouth Castle

Built in the 12th century, Oystermouth Castle is one of the best preserved in all of Wales, and this is quite a compliment, since there are hundreds of castles in this small country. I highly recommend having a picnic on the soft grass just in front of the castle, which is on a hill overlooking the beach and offers splendid views of Mumbles.

But there is nothing like strolling inside the castle grounds, where you can visit the many towers, the castle keep, and just be amazed at the beauty of the architecture. Entrance to the castle is free, but for a small donation you can purchase an informative guide that gives you a detailed history and overview.

The Jewel of Wales

Although the Gower is typically referred to as the "Jewel of Wales," for many people, Mumbles sums up all the things that visitors look for: clean unspoiled beaches, charming cottages, friendly people, outstanding natural beauty, and many opportunities for couples to spend time together.

Take a trip to Mumbles and you'll see just why this village has been one of the UK's best-kept secrets for romantic getaways.

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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