Mongolia As A Must See Destination - Targeting America’s Travel Trendsetters

A couple in Gobi with their Llamas

Mongolia is an Independent, parliamentary republic located in Central Asia between China and Russia. It is home of the legendary Chinggis Khan, nomadic herders, the Gobi desert, and rich folk tradition. Its Capital city, Ulaanbaatar, offers five-star accommodations and direct links to international hubs. It is closer in distance from the United States than Hong Kong.  Travel highlights include: horse trekking, visits with nomads, dinosaur fossils, archeological ruins, festivals, & temples . . .  and an ideal viewing of the August 2008 solar eclipse.

Mongolian children at play

The recently formed MONGOLIA TOURIST ORGANIZATION (MNTO) held their first press conference breakfast in New York City at Tavern on the Green.  At the event, hosted by  MNTO and the MINISTRY of ROADS, TRANSPORT & TOURISM (MRTT), promotional plans were unveiled highlighting “ Mongolia, Heart of Asia and Home to Friendly Nomads”, as the new emerging destination for Americans seeking travel experiences, from the adventurous to the luxurious. The Central Asian nation’s growing popularity in the travel market was recently evidenced in National Geographic Adventure Magazine, which named Mongolia a “Best of 2008 Adventure Destination”.

A Mongolian musician playing beautiful music

A beautiful film documenting Mongolia’s nomadic culture was shown, there was a melodious musical presentation and H. E. Enkhtsetseg Ochir, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations, expressed her hopes for the future of Mongolia’s tourist development.  “I believe the US market is just the place to extend Mongolia’s invitation to international travelers: Americans are well known as trendsetters when it comes to travel, and the allure of Mongolia’s vast landscapes and nomadic culture offers US travelers the opportunity to explore the unexplored,” said the Ambassador, eager to present Mongolia as a destination of adventure, as well as comfort. “There aren't many places where you can ride a horse, visit a nomadic family, then enjoy French cuisine and a massage at a brand-name hotel like Kempinski or Hilton, all in the same day,” said MNTO board member Indraa Bold. “ Mongolia routinely exceeds visitors’ expectations!”  

A family outside their home on the plush green fields of Mongolia

The event also marked the opening of MNTO’s US tourism office, operated in partnership with The Bradford Group, a NY based Marketing/ Advertising/PR firm. The office will serve as a hub for industry professionals ready to feature Mongolia in their travel repertoire, particularly in 2008 when the country will experience a solar eclipse.

From left to right: Don Reynolds, Executive Vice President, ATS; Indraa Bold, Governing Board Member, MNTO; Tim O'Neill, Finance and Business Development Advisor and Deputy Chief of Party, EPRC Project, Chemonics; H. E. Enkhtsetseg Ochir, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the United Nations; David Parry, Chairman, ATS & Chairman, Academic Travel Abroad, Inc.; Erdenchimeg Batmunkh, Executive Director, MNTO

For more information visit or contact The Bradford Group, 212-447-0027; [email protected]

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