London Postcards Day 9

What a beautiful day it is today. The sun is shining it is beautiful outside. It's a great break from the gloom and rain.  I am headed to another spa the Elemis Day Spa where I am going to be treated like a Polynesian Princess in a treatment called the Jasmine Lular Ritual.


I of course took a cab (are we seeing a pattern here?) and this time had the pleasure of stumping the cab driver. He is a 30 year veteran of driving a taxi on the streets of London and had never heard of the street I was asking for.  He told me I won the prize because I'd stumped him. When I asked what the prize was, he replied the keys to his apartment. Men they are the same everywhere aren't they?

I did a real good job in confusing him he looked in his road map and couldn't find the street, I eventually gave him the number of the spa and he called to ask them where they were. It turns out it was off of a driving street, on a walking street in a little courtyard, which of course he had never driven down. But I still won the stump the cabby contest. Yahoo!


Elemis is a warm and charming spa decorated with eastern influences. It is located on Lancashire Court, a secluded small courtyard near South Molton, High Street and Bond Street. The courtyard is charming even though the area is in a state of development. Across the street there are apartments going in and across the courtyard a bar is being refurbished. There were construction workers all around, carrying steel beams in and out of the bar. I wasn't watching what I was doing and nearly walked head on with a beam. I can only imagine the headache that would have caused. If you are a shopper this is a fantastic area to be in. It features some of London's top designers and well known boutique and department stores.

To enter Elemis you must ring a door bell and wait while someone comes out to welcome you. You are escorted into the reception room where they take your coat, seat you on a sofa, and offer you a beverage while you fill out a questionnaire. These questionnaires give the therapists information about your current health and what you expect to get out of your spa experience which help them to cater to your individual needs.


After I'd filled out my form I was taken up a flight of stairs and my ritual began. I choose the Jasmine Lular Ritual, an ancient ritual given to Balinese princesses before their wedding day. The Lular Ritual was scrummy. There are points in the ritual where you are cocooned in blankets and it's lovely, you feel like you're a baby being swaddled. It is the ultimate in pampering where you can give yourself over fully to another person and just be.


My therapist Sarah told me that there are a lot of Americans who frequent this spa, mostly businessmen who love the Deep Tissue massage. Which sounds great to me I may have to come back for that one. Again I am not going to tell you lots about my experience, you'll have to read about it in the full article. Except to say I had a luvvly-jubbly time.

The rest of the day was dedicated to window shopping at all the fab shops the area has to offer. I finally tired of the plethora of items offered for sale and feeling like a Polynesian Princess I spent the rest of the day basking in my Jasmine haze.


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