London Postcards - Day 6

I had such a great time at Dukes. I think the feeling must have been mutual because they didn't want to let me go. I waited in the lobby while Alex the porter went to hail me a cab. I waited and waited and waited and waited. The front desk called him but he said he there were 'no cabs'. (Uhmmhmm!) So I waited and waited and waited, patiently mind you I was in no hurry to leave.


Finally the front desk 'CLAIMED' there was a parade in the area and it was blocking the traffic going through. I say 'CLAIMED' because I think they must have had a devious plan in mind and organized the whole thing at the last minute, so as to keep me at the hotel. It's just too coincidental that the time I am trying to leave there just conveniently isn't a taxi to be found. Yea, right.


Just to check out their story, I walked up a couple of blocks to see this"PARADE' for myself.  Boys are these people good. Right there in front of my eyes on March 12th was a Saint Patrick's Day Parade. Now we all know St. Patrick's Day is the 17th, today is the 12th you do the math. Very clever ploy but I'm seeing right through it.


They did a good job of it last minute and all. Loads of people turned out all perfectly acting their parts of happy revealers, young and old alike, (this must have cost them a fortune).


Really Dukes all you had to do was ask. You didn't need to go to such extremes, (although I do appreciate the sentiment). If you had asked I would have said yes.


As it stands now I shall have to play hard to get and continue on with my travel plans. But don't worry my resolve will wear out shortly and I'll come back to you, I promise. For now let's try not to cry.

Finally convinced they had done all that they could, they found me a taxi. Head held high, pride intact, I couldn't show any signs of weakness, I said my farewells and left my little paradise on St. James Place.


The London Hilton on Park Lane was my next stop. When I arrived a doorman held open the door for me and welcomed me to the Hilton. It was a large and grand lobby I traveled through to the front desk, where they couldn't find any reservation for me. I told them the dates I should have been confirmed for and still nothing. It got turned over to a supervisor who called my contact and couldn't get him. I had a cell number and called him myself.  He answered straight away and after a little back and forth we got the reservations resolved and I was given a key and sent up to my room.


I got situated in my room and several minutes later my luggage arrived and I was at the Hilton.


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