London Postcards - Day 4

This is my check out day at Guesthouse West.  I got up early to finish my Sinatra review, popped downstairs for breakfast (love their Mochas) and ran back up to continue my work.  I got so caught up I didn't realize the time and when I did I saw I had 20 minutes to check out time. Frantic I began throwing things in my suitcase, all my organization shot to h' l.  I managed to pack everything but who knows where it is now. 


I handed in my key at reception and pulled out my laptop to finish posting my review.  For some reason the wireless connection to the magazine site was painfully slow so what should have taken 15 minutes, took an hour.

In the meantime I chatted with Peter, the Hotel Manager about how much I enjoyed Sinatra the previous evening. A friend called my computer on Skype as I was chatting with the Peter and I of course couldn't find my headset to talk to him. My computer kept chiming my ring tone which is 'Darling your fabulous little phone is ringing. Darling your fabulous little phone is ringing. Darling your fabulous little phone is ringing.' ad nauseam. I was holding it in my hand and kept hanging up on him because I was disturbing everyone in the lounge; he of course kept calling back as I frantically searched for my headset. The manager looked at me and said is that your computer ringing? I just nodded embarrassed. Finally my friend texted me and I was able to stop the madness.

I'll miss my large window and voyeur seat at Guest House West and I've  left you one more picture I shot out of it.


I took a mini cab (I know, I know) to Dukes Hotel on St James Place. Dukes is in the heart of London just down the street from Prince Charles' residence. Perhaps I'll pop in for tea tomorrow. My driver didn't know where it was and had to stop for directions. When he found it, it was tucked away down a narrow driveway which opened onto a small lovely courtyard. I went in and was immediately greeted and made to feel like they were delighted to have me as a guest.  The porter brought in my luggage, the General Manager Karen Marchant came over and greeted me.


She took me up to the third floor to my room. As we approached the door she said you will be staying in the 'Duke of Portlands Suite', indicating a door straight ahead with 'Duke of Portlands Suite' painted on it. The door opened into a hallway to the right was a large sitting room, straight ahead was a separate bedroom, and my jaw dropped. 'Holy Goddess" its BEAUTIFUL. The suite is decorated in an English Country style quaint, charming and completely luxurious. TOTALLY SCRUMPTIOUS!

I tried not to be overly exuberant but the minute she left I was on the phone to my Publisher squealing with delight. Ms. Marchant was the perfect hostess, sensing I was tired and still jet lagged. She offered me coffee or tea and then decided I needed a sandwich as well;, room service was ordered, and she left me, completely gobsmacked.

I picked up the phone and of course it was the middle of the night in the States so I left an exuberant phone message to my Publisher as I ran from room to room exploring.


There are two couches, a round table with three chairs and an arm chair in the sitting room. The couches and all the pillows everywhere are feather.  Plasma TVs hang on the walls in both rooms, each room has a separate climate control.  There are 3 large windows covered with plush draperies in the sitting room and the bedroom has a drapped bay window with a make up table sitting in front of it. I feel like a princess!

My lunch arrived and was delicious. Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door and a man was standing there holding a tray filled with a bottle of champagne on ice, a smaller tray of fresh fruit and a box of chocolates. He said his name was Jon and that he saw me downstairs, then welcomed me to the hotel.  Jon placed the tray down for me and left. There was a note from the Hotel welcoming me and inviting me to enjoy my visit. Believe me I already am. 


My word for today and Dukes is INDULGE, I did, I took a bubble bath with the Molton Brown products supplied by the hotel. Then I slipped into the yummy bed, which held one more surprise for me. The sheets were heavenly, cool cotton in some ultra high thread count, which made them feel like satin. Ah, joy, I slept the rest of the day away.

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