London Postcards - Day 13

Check out day at the Athenaeum, next stop - The Lanesborough.  During my visit a local told me he thought the Lanesborough was probably the nicest hotel in London. Even before I heard that I'd been really looking forward to this hotel. After I heard, I was waiting with baited breath.

They sent a chauffeured car to pick me up and take me to the hotel. When I left my apartment to go and check out, my chauffeur was waiting in front of the hotel for me. He took charge of my luggage from the porter and I went to check out. I just love being driven as strange as it seems it is very different than taking a taxi. I know you're probably saying Paula of course its different how naive you are. But I found it surprising just little things like opening the door for me, calling me by my name, making chit chat if I want. It's really the little touches that add that feeling of luxury and pampering that I think are almost as important as the big things.


I had an appointment in the early afternoon so I planned to just drop off my luggage and check in later in the day. I arrived at The Lanesborough and was lead to reception and they said my room was just about prepared if I wanted to wait by the time I had a cup of coffee it should be ready. I was then escorted to their restaurant The Conservatory. When I entered I felt like I had either stepped back into time or walked into a movie. The room was beautiful decorated in light airy colors of pink and green with light filigreed ceilings and lacy Palm trees. There was a Jazz duo playing Piano and Bass.  I just sat in appreciation surrounded by beauty. Out of everywhere I had been this room could have been decorated with just me in mind. I was totally in my element, I even fell in love with the silver, crystal and place settings. If I could have fit a service for 8 into my luggage I think I'd have tried to nik them. My over packing has saved me from a life of crime.


After coffee, my private Butler Daniel, yes I said private Butler, escorted me up to my suite. He showed me around what were very traditionally styled rooms. The walls were either in a dark wood paneling or with a cream colored silk wallpaper.


A comfy armchair and leather sofa stood intimately placed together in the sitting room, which was just off the bedroom. Daniel toured me around the room and showed me how everything worked.


Everything was automated and controlled by a touch screen panel, subtly hidden inside a drawer on each side of the bed. I loved the controls there was a button you could push and the maids would come and another for your butler and another for a world clock AND another which lit a red light outside the door letting everyone know you didn't want to be disturbed. It was such fun.


OH and there was a bottle of champagne on ice waiting for me, a tray of gorgeous chocolates, mineral water and a bowl of fresh fruit!


The Lanesborough will press an outfit for you upon your arrival. They print up stationary and business cards with your name and phone numbr on them. The butler is there 24 hours a day and besides whatever else you require, will unpack and draw a bath for you. Heavenly! I decided to cancel my afternoon appointment and spend the day enjoying my room.


I watched a movie, (all the movies and music are free), listened to albums, took a Jacuzzi bath and had the most wonderful time playing in my room. I couldn't find a reason to ever need to leave.


I did want to experience dinner in my favorite room The Conservatory and also check out their bar the Library. So I dressed up so I matched the same level of luxury as my surroundings and went to dinner. Once again I felt as if I had stepped into another world as I made my way around the hotel. I could practically see Victorian Lords and Ladies sweeping gracefully through the rooms.


Dinner was fabulous and afterwards I went up to my room. Where the maid had been in and turned down my bed and left me yet another treat of a pudding which I ate and blissful fell asleep.



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